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component_id_index library

This library merges and validates component ID index files. It provides a way to use a custom encoding format (e.g, JSON), along with conversion to/from the FIDL schema.

This library has 2 clients:

  • A build tool which validates and merges component ID index files written in JSON5 into a single index, which is written out into 2 files: a JSON-subset index file, and a FIDL-encoded index file. These indicies are used by appmgr and component_manager, respectively.
  • component_manager which consumes a single FIDL-encoded component ID index file.

See //sdk/fidl/fuchsia.component.internal/component_id_index.fidl for the FIDL schema.

In order to keep the size of component_manager small, this library does not directly depend on serde_json and serde_json5. Instead, this library accepts a decoder implementation which helps decode a JSON/JSON5 string into an Index data structure.