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${PROJECT_NAME} is the part of the system that drives Foo. More can be read about it [here].


To add this project to your build, append --with //src/sys/… to the fx set invocation.


${PROJECT_NAME} provides the fuchsia.foo.Bar service on Fuchsia, and can be controlled via the ${PROJECT_NAME}_ctl command:

$ fx shell run ${PROJECT_NAME}_ctl --help


Unit tests for ${PROJECT_NAME} are available in the ${PROJECT_NAME}_tests package.

Integration tests are also available in the ${PROJECT_NAME}_integration_tests package.

$ fx run-test ${PROJECT_NAME}_tests
$ fx run-test ${PROJECT_NAME}_integration_tests

Source layout

The entrypoint is located in src/main.rs, and the core model implementation is under src/model/. Unit tests are co-located with the code, with the exception of src/model/ which has unit tests in src/model/tests/. Integration tests live in tests/.