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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <lib/unittest/unittest.h>
#include <platform/pc.h>
#include <platform/pc/efi.h>
#include <platform/pc/smbios.h>
namespace {
// Is the string `needle` in the string `haysack`?
bool StringContains(ktl::string_view haysack, ktl::string_view needle) {
return haysack.find(needle) != ktl::string_view::npos;
// Return true if the the named platform/manufacturer is expected to have
// functioning EFI support.
// Return false if no EFI is expected or unknown.
// While most x86_64 platforms _will_ have EFI support, but some platforms (in
// particular, QEMU) don't have EFI support, and this is fine.
bool IsEfiExpected(ktl::string_view manufacturer, ktl::string_view product) {
// All Intel NUCs are expected to have functining EFI support.
return StringContains(manufacturer, "Intel") && StringContains(product, "NUC");
// Ensure EFI is present on platforms we know should have it.
// This test aims to prevent EFI support from being silently dropped.
__NO_ASAN bool TestEfiPresent() {
// Attempt to fetch EFI services.
EfiServicesActivation services = TryActivateEfiServices();
// Ensure we got back a valid result if EFI meant to be present.
if (IsEfiExpected(manufacturer, product)) {
} else {
"Unknown if EFI is expected to be supported on platform "
"(manufaturer=\"%s\", product=\"%s\"). Skipping test.\n",
manufacturer, product);
__NO_ASAN bool TestEfiServices() {
// Fetch EFI services.
EfiServicesActivation services = TryActivateEfiServices();
if (!services.valid()) {
// We may not have EFI services.
return true;
// Ensure we can call `GetTime` and get a reasonable year (between 2000 and 2100).
efi_time time;
efi_status result = services->GetTime(&time, nullptr);
EXPECT_EQ(result, static_cast<efi_status>(EFI_SUCCESS));
EXPECT_GT(time.Year, 2000);
EXPECT_LT(time.Year, 2100);
} // namespace
UNITTEST("test_efi_present", TestEfiPresent)
UNITTEST("test_efi_services", TestEfiServices)
UNITTEST_END_TESTCASE(efi_services_tests, "efi", "EFI service tests")