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Component Manager for Session Framework

Reviewed on: 2021-01-21

Component Manager for Session Framework is a custom instance of Component Manager that exposes services from session_manager to make them available to command line tools.

It is currently impossible for a command line tool to acquire a service directly from a v2 component. This workaround uses a custom configuration of Component Manager to bridge service brokerage between the world of v1 components and v2 components.

This instance of Component Manager exposes services from its child‘s exec/expose/svc outgoing directory in Component Manager’s out/svc directory. The services are made available to command line tools by supplying the session_manager.config configuration to sysmgr.


To add this project to your build, append --with //src/session/bin/component_manager:component_manager_sfw to the fx set invocation.


To launch Component Manager for Session Framework, run:

$ fx shell run fuchsia-pkg:// <root_component_url>

Where <root_component_url> is the component URL for the component to launch at the root of the v2 tree. Typically, this is the session_manager component URL. For more information, see the documentation for session_manager.


For information on testing Component Manager, see the documentation for Component Manager.

Source layout

The source code for Component Manager is located in //src/sys/component_manager. The Session Framework-specific configuration is in config.json.