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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fuchsia/hardware/sdhci/cpp/banjo.h>
#include <fuchsia/hardware/sdmmc/cpp/banjo.h>
#include <lib/ddk/io-buffer.h>
#include <lib/mmio/mmio.h>
#include <lib/sdmmc/hw.h>
#include <lib/sync/completion.h>
#include <lib/zircon-internal/thread_annotations.h>
#include <lib/zx/bti.h>
#include <lib/zx/interrupt.h>
#include <zircon/threads.h>
#include <ddktl/device.h>
#include <fbl/auto_lock.h>
#include <fbl/mutex.h>
#include "sdhci-reg.h"
namespace sdhci {
class Sdhci;
using DeviceType = ddk::Device<Sdhci, ddk::Unbindable>;
class Sdhci : public DeviceType, public ddk::SdmmcProtocol<Sdhci, ddk::base_protocol> {
// Visible for testing.
struct AdmaDescriptor96 {
uint16_t attr;
uint16_t length;
uint64_t address;
static_assert(sizeof(AdmaDescriptor96) == 12, "unexpected ADMA2 descriptor size");
struct AdmaDescriptor64 {
uint16_t attr;
uint16_t length;
uint32_t address;
static_assert(sizeof(AdmaDescriptor64) == 8, "unexpected ADMA2 descriptor size");
Sdhci(zx_device_t* parent, ddk::MmioBuffer regs_mmio_buffer, zx::bti bti, zx::interrupt irq,
const ddk::SdhciProtocolClient sdhci, uint64_t quirks, uint64_t dma_boundary_alignment)
: DeviceType(parent),
dma_boundary_alignment_(dma_boundary_alignment) {}
virtual ~Sdhci() = default;
static zx_status_t Create(void* ctx, zx_device_t* parent);
void DdkRelease();
void DdkUnbind(ddk::UnbindTxn txn);
zx_status_t SdmmcHostInfo(sdmmc_host_info_t* out_info);
zx_status_t SdmmcSetSignalVoltage(sdmmc_voltage_t voltage) TA_EXCL(mtx_);
zx_status_t SdmmcSetBusWidth(sdmmc_bus_width_t bus_width) TA_EXCL(mtx_);
zx_status_t SdmmcSetBusFreq(uint32_t bus_freq) TA_EXCL(mtx_);
zx_status_t SdmmcSetTiming(sdmmc_timing_t timing) TA_EXCL(mtx_);
void SdmmcHwReset() TA_EXCL(mtx_);
zx_status_t SdmmcPerformTuning(uint32_t cmd_idx) TA_EXCL(mtx_);
zx_status_t SdmmcRequest(sdmmc_req_t* req) TA_EXCL(mtx_);
zx_status_t SdmmcRegisterInBandInterrupt(const in_band_interrupt_protocol_t* interrupt_cb);
zx_status_t SdmmcRegisterVmo(uint32_t vmo_id, uint8_t client_id, zx::vmo vmo, uint64_t offset,
uint64_t size, uint32_t vmo_rights);
zx_status_t SdmmcUnregisterVmo(uint32_t vmo_id, uint8_t client_id, zx::vmo* out_vmo);
zx_status_t SdmmcRequestNew(const sdmmc_req_new_t* req, uint32_t out_response[4]);
// Visible for testing.
zx_status_t Init();
uint32_t base_clock() const { return base_clock_; }
// Visible for testing.
enum class RequestStatus {
virtual zx_status_t WaitForReset(const SoftwareReset mask);
virtual zx_status_t WaitForInterrupt() { return irq_.wait(nullptr); }
virtual zx_status_t PinRequestPages(sdmmc_req_t* req, zx_paddr_t* phys, size_t pagecount);
RequestStatus GetRequestStatus() TA_EXCL(mtx_) {
fbl::AutoLock lock(&mtx_);
if (cmd_req_ != nullptr) {
return RequestStatus::COMMAND;
if (data_req_ != nullptr) {
const bool has_data = data_req_->cmd_flags & SDMMC_RESP_DATA_PRESENT;
const bool busy_response = data_req_->cmd_flags & SDMMC_RESP_LEN_48B;
if (has_data) {
if (data_req_->use_dma) {
return RequestStatus::TRANSFER_DATA_DMA;
if (data_req_->cmd_flags & SDMMC_CMD_READ) {
return RequestStatus::READ_DATA_PIO;
return RequestStatus::WRITE_DATA_PIO;
if (busy_response) {
return RequestStatus::BUSY_RESPONSE;
return RequestStatus::IDLE;
ddk::MmioBuffer regs_mmio_buffer_;
// DMA descriptors, visible for testing
ddk::IoBuffer iobuf_ = {};
static void PrepareCmd(sdmmc_req_t* req, TransferMode* transfer_mode, Command* command);
bool SupportsAdma2() const {
return (info_.caps & SDMMC_HOST_CAP_DMA) && !(quirks_ & SDHCI_QUIRK_NO_DMA);
zx_status_t WaitForInhibit(const PresentState mask) const;
zx_status_t WaitForInternalClockStable() const;
void CompleteRequestLocked(sdmmc_req_t* req, zx_status_t status) TA_REQ(mtx_);
void CmdStageCompleteLocked() TA_REQ(mtx_);
void DataStageReadReadyLocked() TA_REQ(mtx_);
void DataStageWriteReadyLocked() TA_REQ(mtx_);
void TransferCompleteLocked() TA_REQ(mtx_);
void ErrorRecoveryLocked() TA_REQ(mtx_);
int IrqThread() TA_EXCL(mtx_);
template <typename DescriptorType>
zx_status_t BuildDmaDescriptor(sdmmc_req_t* req, DescriptorType* descs);
zx_status_t StartRequestLocked(sdmmc_req_t* req) TA_REQ(mtx_);
zx_status_t FinishRequest(sdmmc_req_t* req);
zx::interrupt irq_;
thrd_t irq_thread_;
const ddk::SdhciProtocolClient sdhci_;
zx::bti bti_;
// Held when a command or action is in progress.
fbl::Mutex mtx_;
// Current command request
sdmmc_req_t* cmd_req_ TA_GUARDED(mtx_) = nullptr;
// Current data line request
sdmmc_req_t* data_req_ TA_GUARDED(mtx_) = nullptr;
// Current block id to transfer (PIO)
uint16_t data_blockid_ TA_GUARDED(mtx_) = 0;
// Set to true if the data stage completed before the command stage
bool data_done_ TA_GUARDED(mtx_) = false;
// used to signal request complete
sync_completion_t req_completion_;
// Controller info
sdmmc_host_info_t info_ = {};
// Controller specific quirks
const uint64_t quirks_;
const uint64_t dma_boundary_alignment_;
// Base clock rate
uint32_t base_clock_ = 0;
ddk::InBandInterruptProtocolClient interrupt_cb_;
} // namespace sdhci