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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fuchsia/camera3/cpp/fidl.h>
#include <fuchsia/sysmem/cpp/fidl.h>
#include <lib/async-loop/cpp/loop.h>
#include <lib/fit/function.h>
#include <lib/fit/result.h>
#include <gtest/gtest_prod.h>
#include "fuchsia/math/cpp/fidl.h"
#include "src/camera/bin/camera-gym/moving_window.h"
namespace camera {
// This class is responsible for exercising the camera APIs to cycle between the various streams and
// configurations reported by a camera.
class StreamCycler {
static fit::result<std::unique_ptr<StreamCycler>, zx_status_t> Create(
fuchsia::camera3::DeviceWatcherHandle watcher, fuchsia::sysmem::AllocatorHandle allocator,
async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher, bool manual_mode);
using AddCollectionHandler = fit::function<uint32_t(fuchsia::sysmem::BufferCollectionTokenHandle,
fuchsia::sysmem::ImageFormat_2, std::string)>;
using RemoveCollectionHandler = fit::function<void(uint32_t)>;
using ShowBufferHandler =
fit::function<void(uint32_t, uint32_t, zx::eventpair, std::optional<fuchsia::math::RectF>)>;
using MuteStateHandler = fit::function<void(bool)>;
// Registers handlers that are called when the cycler adds or removes a buffer collection. The
// value returned by |on_add_collection| will be subsequently passed to |on_remove_collection|.
void SetHandlers(AddCollectionHandler on_add_collection,
RemoveCollectionHandler on_remove_collection, ShowBufferHandler on_show_buffer,
MuteStateHandler on_mute_changed);
explicit StreamCycler(async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher, bool manual_mode = false);
// Notification to camera-gym that the camera device is present.
void WatchDevicesCallback(std::vector<fuchsia::camera3::WatchDevicesEvent> events);
// Notification to camera-gym that the mute state has changed.
void WatchMuteStateHandler(bool software_muted, bool hardware_muted);
// Forcibly select the stream config for the next demo cycle. This has an intended side effect of
// disconnecting all current streams, which should trigger the RemoveCollectionHandler's for the
// existing streams.
void ForceNextStreamConfiguration();
// Notification to camera-gym that the stream configuration has changed.
void WatchCurrentConfigurationCallback(uint32_t config_index);
// Kick off the sequence to connect all of the streams for this demo cycle.
void ConnectToAllStreams();
// Kick off the sequence to connect a single stream.
void ConnectToStream(uint32_t config_index, uint32_t stream_index);
// Next camera frame on given stream is available.
void OnNextFrame(uint32_t stream_index, fuchsia::camera3::FrameInfo frame_info);
// Disconnect a single stream.
void DisconnectStream(uint32_t stream_index);
// Utility to return what the next config_index should be.
uint32_t NextConfigIndex();
async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher_;
fuchsia::camera3::DeviceWatcherPtr watcher_;
fuchsia::sysmem::AllocatorPtr allocator_;
fuchsia::camera3::DevicePtr device_;
std::vector<fuchsia::camera3::Configuration> configurations_;
bool manual_mode_;
// Only set by WatchCurrentConfigurationCallback().
// Only used by ConnectToAllStreams() and NextConfigIndex().
uint32_t current_config_index_;
AddCollectionHandler add_collection_handler_;
RemoveCollectionHandler remove_collection_handler_;
ShowBufferHandler show_buffer_handler_;
MuteStateHandler mute_state_handler_;
// Track the moving region of interest
MovingWindow moving_window_;
// stream_infos_ uses the same index as the corresponding stream index in configurations_.
struct StreamInfo {
fuchsia::camera3::StreamPtr stream;
fuchsia::sysmem::BufferCollectionInfo_2 buffer_collection_info;
std::optional<uint32_t> add_collection_handler_returned_value;
source_highlight; // Stream on which to highlight this stream's crop region.
std::optional<fuchsia::math::RectF> highlight;
std::map<uint32_t, StreamInfo> stream_infos_;
friend class CameraGymTest;
FRIEND_TEST(CameraGymTest, PendingCollectionId);
} // namespace camera