Fuchsia Camera Gym (camera3 config exerciser)

Example app to exercise the various stream configurations available for Sherlock.

How To Select Config


How To Run (from fx shell while a Session is running)

This method will not allow passing of command line arguments. All that can be done is to start running camera-gym.

sessionctl add_mod fuchsia-pkg://fuchsia.com/camera-gym#meta/camera-gym.cmx

How To Run (from fx shell without a Session running)

This method will allow command line arguments. Arguments can be specified as shown below.

How To Shutdown Session

fx shell basemgr_launcher shutdown

How to Run (using present_view)

fx shell present_view fuchsia-pkg://fuchsia.com/camera-gym#meta/camera-gym.cmx [ args ... ]

How to Run (using tiles_ctl)

fx shell tiles_ctl start fx shell tiles_ctl add fuchsia-pkg://fuchsia.com/camera-gym#meta/camera-gym.cmx [ args ... ] fx shell tiles_ctl stop

How to Restart Session

fx shell run basemgr.cmx