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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/developer/debug/zxdb/client/process.h"
#include "src/developer/debug/zxdb/client/session.h"
#include "src/developer/debug/zxdb/client/thread.h"
#include "src/developer/debug/zxdb/client/thread_observer.h"
#include "tools/fidlcat/lib/decoder.h"
namespace fidlcat {
class ExceptionDecoder;
class InterceptionWorkflow;
class SyscallDecoderDispatcher;
class SyscallDisplayDispatcher;
class ExceptionUse {
ExceptionUse() = default;
virtual ~ExceptionUse() = default;
virtual void ExceptionDecoded(ExceptionDecoder* decoder);
virtual void DecodingError(const DecoderError& error, ExceptionDecoder* decoder);
// Handles the decoding of an exception.
// The decoding starts when ExceptionDecoder::Decode is called. Then all the decoding steps are
// executed one after the other (see the comments for Decode and the following methods).
class ExceptionDecoder {
ExceptionDecoder(InterceptionWorkflow* workflow, SyscallDecoderDispatcher* dispatcher,
zxdb::Thread* thread, std::unique_ptr<ExceptionUse> use)
: workflow_(workflow),
use_(std::move(use)) {}
SyscallDecoderDispatcher* dispatcher() const { return dispatcher_; }
zxdb::Thread* get_thread() const { return weak_thread_.get(); }
const std::string& process_name() const { return process_name_; }
uint64_t process_id() const { return process_id_; }
uint64_t thread_id() const { return thread_id_; }
const std::vector<zxdb::Location>& caller_locations() const { return caller_locations_; }
std::stringstream& Error(DecoderError::Type type) { return error_.Set(type); }
// Asks for the full statck then display the exception.
void Decode();
// Displays the exception then destroy it.
void Display();
// Destroys this object and remove it from the |syscall_decoders_| list in the
// SyscallDecoderDispatcher. This function is called when the syscall display
// has been done or if we had an error and no request is pending (|has_error_|
// is true and |pending_request_count_| is zero).
void Destroy();
InterceptionWorkflow* const workflow_;
SyscallDecoderDispatcher* const dispatcher_;
const fxl::WeakPtr<zxdb::Thread> weak_thread_;
const std::string process_name_;
const uint64_t process_id_;
const uint64_t thread_id_;
std::unique_ptr<ExceptionUse> use_;
std::vector<zxdb::Location> caller_locations_;
DecoderError error_;
class ExceptionDisplay : public ExceptionUse {
ExceptionDisplay(SyscallDisplayDispatcher* dispatcher, std::ostream& os)
: dispatcher_(dispatcher), os_(os) {}
void ExceptionDecoded(ExceptionDecoder* decoder) override;
void DecodingError(const DecoderError& error, ExceptionDecoder* decoder) override;
SyscallDisplayDispatcher* const dispatcher_;
std::ostream& os_;
} // namespace fidlcat