Rust Test Runner

Reviewed on: 2020-04-20

Rust test runner is a test runner that launches a rust test binary as a component, parses its output, and translates it to the fuchsia.test.Suite protocol on behalf of the test.


fx set core.x64 --with //src/sys/test_runners/rust
fx build


Examples to demonstrate how to write v2 test:

To run this example:

fx run-test rust-test-runner-example


Test cases are executed concurrently (max 10 test cases at a time by default). Instruction to override.


Test authors can specify command line arguments to their tests in their component manifest file. These will be passed to the test when it is run.

The following flags are restricted and the test fails if any are passed as fuchsia.test.Suite provides equivalent functionality that replaces them

  • nocapture
  • list


No known current limitations.



fx run-test rust-test-runner-unit-test

fx run-test rust-runner-integration-test

Source layout

The entrypoint is located in src/, the FIDL service implementation and all the test logic exists in src/ Unit tests are co-located with the implementation. Integration tests are located in tests folder.