base-resolver is a V2 component that implements the Component Resolver FIDL protocol fuchsia.sys2.ComponentResolver and exposes this protocol as a resolver capability.

The responsibility of base-resolver is to resolve URLs to packages that are located in pkgfs and are part of the “base” set of packages.


The base-resolver component should be part of the core product configuration and be buildable by any fx set invocation.


This component is not packaged in the traditional way. Instead, its binary and manifest are included in the Zircon Boot Image (ZBI) and are accessible via bootfs.

To launch this component, include it as a child in the component topology using the URL fuchsia-boot:///#meta/, and include its exposed resolver capability in an environment.

{%includecode gerrit_repo="fuchsia/fuchsia" gerrit_path="src/sys/base-resolver/tests/meta/integration-test.cml" region_tag="environment"}


Unit tests for base-resolver are available in the base-resolver-unittests package.

$ fx test base-resolver-unittests

Integration tests for base-resolver are available in the base-resolver-tests package.

$ fx test base-resolver-tests