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End to end product tests

End to end product tests for fuchsia products are located here.

Unlike other kinds of tests, end to end product tests are specific to a product, and therefore must not be included in the global tests build target mandated by the source tree layout. Instead, end to end product tests are included directly in the build configuration of their products in //products.

Adding your end-to-end test directory

Please also add an OWNERS file so that you can edit your test at will. If there are run-time dependencies needed for the test you can add them to the /bundles:end_to_end_deps group.

Running an end-to-end test

Because end to end tests are tied to a specific product or even architecture, you should review the test's to see which product or special instructions are needed to run the test.

To run an end to end test use the run-e2e-tests command:

$ fx set <product>.<arch> && fx build
$ fx run-e2e-tests name_of_the_test

Where name_of_the_test is the name of the dart_test rule (like sl4f_test).