Write bytes to the VMO.


#include <zircon/syscalls.h>

zx_status_t zx_vmo_write(zx_handle_t handle,
                         const void* buffer,
                         uint64_t offset,
                         size_t buffer_size);


zx_vmo_write() attempts to write exactly buffer_size bytes to a virtual memory object (VMO) at offset.

buffer pointer to a user buffer to write bytes from.

buffer_size number of bytes to attempt to write.


handle must be of type ZX_OBJ_TYPE_VMO and have ZX_RIGHT_WRITE.

Return value

zx_vmo_write() returns ZX_OK on success, and exactly buffer_size bytes will have been written from buffer. In the event of failure, a negative error value is returned, and the number of bytes written from buffer is undefined.


ZX_ERR_BAD_HANDLE handle is not a valid handle.

ZX_ERR_WRONG_TYPE handle is not a VMO handle.

ZX_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED handle does not have the ZX_RIGHT_WRITE right.

ZX_ERR_INVALID_ARGS buffer is an invalid pointer or NULL.

ZX_ERR_NOT_FOUND buffer address does not map to address in address space.

ZX_ERR_NO_MEMORY Failure to allocate system memory to complete write.

ZX_ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE offset + buffer_size is greater than the size of the VMO.

ZX_ERR_BAD_STATE VMO has been marked uncached and is not directly writable.

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