Fuchsia SDK

This section is for developing Fuchsia software using the Fuchsia SDK.

Important: The Fuchsia SDK is in active development. At the moment, Fuchsia does not support general public usage of the Fuchsia SDK. The APIs in the SDK are subject to change without notice.

Developing software with the Fuchsia SDK

The Fuchsia SDK is a set of build rules, API headers, code libraries, and host tools put together to enable a Fuchsia software development environment. With the Fuchsia SDK, developers can create, build, run, test, and debug Fuchsia components and drivers (that is, Fuchsia software) without needing to set up a Fuchsia source checkout (fuchsia.git) on the host machine.

Build system support

The Fuchsia SDK supports Bazel{:.external} as an out-of-the-box solution for building and testing software. However, Bazel is not a strict requirement. The Fuchsia SDK is designed to be integrated with most build systems to meet the needs of a diverse development ecosystem.

Get started with the Fuchsia SDK

If you're new to the Fuchsia SDK, complete the Get started with the Fuchsia SDK guide to set up the Fuchsia SDK development environment on your host machine.

Get started with driver development

If you're interested in developing a new driver for Fuchsia, complete the Get started with driver development guide to learn about the basic workflows of driver development using the Fuchsia SDK.