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  3. llcpp/
  4. test.test.fidl

FIDL Service tests

This directory contains unit tests for FIDL Services, specifically the Low Level C++ (LLCPP) client side and server side APIs.

See //zircon/system/ulib/fidl and //zircon/system/ulib/service.

How to build

When making changes to test.fidl, you must run the script to regenerate the LLCPP bindings. LLCPP bindings are not generated in the Zircon build system.

fx exec zircon/system/utest/service/

The generated FIDL C++ files are placed into //zircon/system/utest/service/generated/. Check these in to version control.

How to run

fx set ... --with //zircon/system/utest/service:tests
fx test -od service-llcpp-unittest-package