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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <lib/zx/channel.h>
#include <ddktl/device.h>
#include <ddktl/protocol/platform/device.h>
#include <fbl/vector.h>
#include "proxy-protocol.h"
namespace platform_bus {
class PlatformProxy;
using PlatformProxyType = ddk::Device<PlatformProxy>;
// This is the main class for the proxy side platform bus driver.
// It handles RPC communication with the main platform bus driver in the root devhost.
class PlatformProxy : public PlatformProxyType,
public ddk::PDevProtocol<PlatformProxy, ddk::base_protocol> {
explicit PlatformProxy(zx_device_t* parent, zx_handle_t rpc_channel)
: PlatformProxyType(parent), rpc_channel_(rpc_channel) {}
static zx_status_t Create(void* ctx, zx_device_t* parent, const char* name, const char* args,
zx_handle_t rpc_channel);
// Device protocol implementation.
void DdkRelease();
// Platform device protocol implementation.
zx_status_t PDevGetMmio(uint32_t index, pdev_mmio_t* out_mmio);
zx_status_t PDevGetInterrupt(uint32_t index, uint32_t flags, zx::interrupt* out_irq);
zx_status_t PDevGetBti(uint32_t index, zx::bti* out_bti);
zx_status_t PDevGetSmc(uint32_t index, zx::resource* out_resource);
zx_status_t PDevGetDeviceInfo(pdev_device_info_t* out_info);
zx_status_t PDevGetBoardInfo(pdev_board_info_t* out_info);
zx_status_t Rpc(const platform_proxy_req_t* req, size_t req_length, platform_proxy_rsp_t* resp,
size_t resp_length, const zx_handle_t* in_handles, size_t in_handle_count,
zx_handle_t* out_handles, size_t out_handle_count, size_t* out_actual);
inline zx_status_t Rpc(const platform_proxy_req_t* req, size_t req_length,
platform_proxy_rsp_t* resp, size_t resp_length) {
return Rpc(req, req_length, resp, resp_length, nullptr, 0, nullptr, 0, nullptr);
struct Mmio {
zx_paddr_t base;
size_t length;
zx::resource resource;
struct Irq {
uint32_t irq;
uint32_t mode;
zx::resource resource;
zx_status_t Init(zx_device_t* parent);
const zx::channel rpc_channel_;
char name_[ZX_MAX_NAME_LEN];
uint32_t metadata_count_;
fbl::Vector<Mmio> mmios_;
fbl::Vector<Irq> irqs_;
} // namespace platform_bus