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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.bluetooth.avrcp;
/// Client wrapper for the local target.
/// A client is a high level construct and does not represent a connection with a device.
protocol TargetHandler {
/// Returns the event notification ids that are supported by the TG.
-> (vector<NotificationEvent>:MAX_NOTIFICATIONS notification_ids) error TargetAvcError;
/// Returns the currently playing media attributes.
/// May send either the GetElementAttributes or GetItemAttributes command depending on what
/// is supported.
GetMediaAttributes() -> (MediaAttributes attributes) error TargetAvcError;
/// Returns the status of the currently playing media.
GetPlayStatus() -> (PlayStatus play_status) error TargetAvcError;
/// Send an AV\C passthrough key command.
/// If `key_pressed`, then the AV\C passthrough command shall be interpreted as a key
/// press down event. Otherwise, the command shall be interpreted as a key release event.
SendCommand(AvcPanelCommand command, bool pressed) -> () error TargetPassthroughError;
/// Request the target device to provide all the target supported player application
/// setting attributes.
-> (vector<PlayerApplicationSettingAttributeId>:MAX_ATTRIBUTES attributes) error TargetAvcError;
/// Returns currently set player application setting values for the `attribute_ids`.
/// If no `attribute_ids` are provided, this method will query the TG for all valid
/// attribute ID's, and return the currently set player application setting values.
GetPlayerApplicationSettings(vector<PlayerApplicationSettingAttributeId>:MAX_ATTRIBUTES attribute_ids)
-> (PlayerApplicationSettings current_settings) error TargetAvcError;
/// Sets the player application settings specified by `requested_settings`. Only
/// settings specified in the input `requested_settings` will be overwritten.
/// Returns the actual settings that were set.
/// Settings provided in the `requested_settings` that are unsupported or unknown
/// will not be set; and `SetPlayerApplicationSettings` will not return an error.
/// Instead, the returned `set_settings` will include only the settings that were
/// successfully set on the remote target.
SetPlayerApplicationSettings(PlayerApplicationSettings requested_settings)
-> (PlayerApplicationSettings set_settings) error TargetAvcError;
/// Returns the current value for the notification specified by `event_id`.
GetNotification(NotificationEvent event_id) -> (Notification current_value) error TargetAvcError;
/// Returns the changed value of the notification specified by 'event_id'.
/// A changed value refers to any value that is different than the input parameter
/// `current` Notification value.
/// `WatchNotification` will not respond until the Notification value associated
/// with `event_id` has changed from the `current` Notification.
WatchNotification(NotificationEvent event_id, Notification current, uint32 pos_change_interval)
-> (Notification new_value) error TargetAvcError;
/// Changes the addressed `player_id` on the target when multiple are supported.
SetAddressedPlayer(AddressedPlayerId player_id) -> () error TargetAvcError;
/// Returns a list of media player information about the players on the target.
GetMediaPlayerItems() -> (vector<MediaPlayerItem>:MAX_MEDIA_PLAYER_ITEMS items) error TargetAvcError;