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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.bluetooth.avrcp;
using fuchsia.bluetooth as bt;
using zx;
protocol PeerManager {
/// Returns a controller client to a remote target (TG) service at the peer specified by
/// `peer_id`.
/// TODO ( change peer_id to fuchsia.bluetooth.PeerId type after BrEdr profile service
/// switches.
GetControllerForTarget(bt.PeerIdString peer_id, request<Controller> client) -> () error zx.status;
/// Set the absolute volume handler. Only one handler may be set at at time.
/// If a second handler is registered it will be dropped and an error will
/// be returned.
SetAbsoluteVolumeHandler(AbsoluteVolumeHandler handler) -> () error zx.status;
/// Sets an implementation of target handler that will vend delegates for each incoming
/// remote TG -> local CT connections to handle the commands being sent by the remote TG.
RegisterTargetHandler(TargetHandler handler) -> () error zx.status;
/// Handler for absolute volume requests from a remote peer. See AVRCP v 1.6.2 section 6.13.2.
/// Absolute volume is represented as a percentage using one byte with the most significant bit
/// reserved. 0% is represented as 0x0 and 100% as 0x7f. Volume should scaled between the
/// two values.
protocol AbsoluteVolumeHandler {
/// Requests that the absolute volume of the player be changed.
/// `requested_volume` is the requested volume by the peer.
/// Returns the actual volume set locally by the handler.
SetVolume(uint8 requested_volume) -> (uint8 set_volume);
/// Returns latest volume of the handler to the AVRCP service. This function should return
/// immediately on the first call and if the volume has changed since the last call to this
/// function, otherwise it should only return when the volume has been changed.
/// Multiple outstanding `OnVolumeChanged` requests can be made - all outstanding calls will
/// return when the volume has been changed.
// TODO( Update docs when addressed.
OnVolumeChanged() -> (uint8 new_volume);
/// Returns the current volume immediately.
GetCurrentVolume() -> (uint8 volume);
/// Client wrapper for local controller (CT) -> remote target (TG) AVCTP connections between devices.
/// A client is high level construct and does not represent a connection with a device.
/// Connections are internally managed and may be shared by multiple clients.
/// The actual connection may be opened on-demand after any command here is called.
protocol Controller {
/// Returns currently set player application setting values for the `attribute_ids`.
/// If no `attribute_ids` are provided, this method will query the TG for all valid
/// attribute ID's, and return the currently set player application setting values.
GetPlayerApplicationSettings(vector<PlayerApplicationSettingAttributeId>:MAX_ATTRIBUTES attribute_ids)
-> (PlayerApplicationSettings current_settings) error ControllerError;
/// Sets the player application settings specified by `requested_settings`. Only
/// settings specified in the input `requested_settings` will be overwritten.
/// Returns the actual settings that were set.
/// Settings provided in the `requested_settings` that are unsupported or unknown
/// will not be set; the returned `set_settings` will include only the settings
/// that were successfully set on the remote target.
SetPlayerApplicationSettings(PlayerApplicationSettings requested_settings)
-> (PlayerApplicationSettings set_settings) error ControllerError;
/// Returns the currently playing media attributes.
/// May send either the GetElementAttributes or GetItemAttributes command depending on what
/// is supported.
GetMediaAttributes() -> (MediaAttributes attributes) error ControllerError;
/// Returns the status of the currently playing media.
GetPlayStatus() -> (PlayStatus play_status) error ControllerError;
/// Request the absolute volume on the peer be changed. Returns the actual volume set by the
/// peer. Values can range from 0x00 to 0x7F (with 100% volume being 0x7F). You may not get a
/// volume changed notification event from the remote peer as result of changing this.
SetAbsoluteVolume(uint8 requested_volume) -> (uint8 set_volume) error ControllerError;
/// Inform target of the controller's battery level.
InformBatteryStatus(BatteryStatus battery_status) -> () error ControllerError;
/// Filters notifications that will be received with [`OnNotification`]. Not all notifications
/// are supported by all peers. Resetting the notification filter may trigger all requested
/// notification types to post their current value to [`OnNotification`] immediately.
/// The `position_change_interval` argument is used to set the interval in seconds that the
/// controller client would like to be notified of `TRACK_POS_CHANGED` events.
/// `position_change_interval` is ignored if `TRACK_POS` is not set. The position change interval
/// is best effort and not a guarantee and events may arrive more frequently or less frequently
/// than requested.
SetNotificationFilter(Notifications notifications, uint32 position_change_interval);
/// Incoming notification events from the target peer. `timestamp` is monotonic wall time
/// of when the event was received by the peer.
/// You must call [`NotifyNotificationHandled`] after receving a notification event to
/// acknowledge delivery. Multiple non-discrete events may be combined into a single
/// notification if acknowledged after a new event arrives from a peer.
/// Call [`SetNotificationFilter`] to set the notifications that are requested of the peer.
/// All notifications are discrete state changes except volume change and position change
/// notifications.
-> OnNotification(zx.time timestamp, Notification notification);
/// Call to acknowledge handling of a notification from [`OnNotification`].
/// Changes the addressed `player_id` on the target when multiple are supported.
SetAddressedPlayer(uint16 player_id) -> () error ControllerError;
/// Send an AV\C passthrough key command. Sends both a key down and key up event.
SendCommand(AvcPanelCommand command) -> () error ControllerError;