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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library ddk.protocol.shareddma;
using zx;
enum DmaType : uint32 {
REGULAR = 0x1;
CYCLIC = 0x2;
enum DmaState : uint32 {
FAILED = 0x2;
[Layout = "ddk-callback"]
protocol DmaNotify {
Callback(DmaState state) -> ();
[Layout = "ddk-protocol"]
protocol SharedDma {
/// Initializes and provides a VMO for memory source or destination.
/// Only supports device to memory and memory to device DMAs.
/// The provided id is opaque and HW specific. The id implicitly defines the direction of the
/// DMA (biderectional DMAs are not supported yet). Transfer sizes and alignment are
/// managed within the shared DMA driver.
InitializeAndGetBuffer(uint32 channel_id, DmaType type, uint32 size) ->
(zx.status s, handle<vmo> vmo);
/// Start DMA
Start(uint32 channel_id);
/// Stop DMA
Stop(uint32 channel_id);
/// Returns the current position within memory where is the DMA has written to or read from.
GetBufferPosition(uint32 channel_id) -> (uint32 position);
/// It must always be assumed that the DMA is in the process of transfering this amount
/// of data (accounting for warp around) into or from memory, hence for:
/// Device to memory DMAs, it is not safe to read this amount past the buffer position.
/// Memory to device DMAs, it is not safe to write this amount before the buffer position.
GetTransferSize(uint32 channel_id) -> (uint32 available_size);
/// Specifies a callback for notifications of state change.
SetNotifyCallback(uint32 channel_id, DmaNotify cb) -> (zx.status s);