Fuchsia Packages

A Fuchsia package is one or more collections of files that provide one or more programs, components or services for a Fuchsia system. A Fuchsia package is a term representing a unit of distribution, though unlike many other package systems, that unit is composed of parts.


A package as “built” by the pm tool is a tree of zero or more content-addressed items. At the top of this tree is a Fuchsia Archive commonly named meta.far.

meta.far contains the meta/ directory provided as an input to a package build, and contains at minimum two files, described below. It can also contain additional metadata items, such as component manifests.

meta/package : The package identity file is a JSON file containing the name and version of : the package.

meta/contents : The contents file, typically produced automatically by pm update (an : implied step in pm build) maps the user-facing file names of a package, : to the content-addresses (Merkle Root) : of those files.

The format of meta/package and meta/contents are considered private specification at this time, and may be subject to change.

Additional Metadata Items

It is common to store some additional files in the meta directory of a package, for example Component Manifests.