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ram_crashlog is a small library mean to be used by the kernel in order to facilitate storage and retrieval of crashlogs which are kept in simple, memory-mapable, RAM. This RAM may be either dynamic ram, or some sort of on-chip static RAM. It does not really matter, provided that the RAM is memory mapped and fast enough to be treated like any other RAM in the system.


  • The ram-crashlog library assumes single threaded semantics, and uses no locking primitives. In other words, locking is the responsibility of the library's user.
  • In a fuchsia kernel, during a stow operation, writebacks will be generated at appropriate points in time in order to be as transactional as possible, and to make certain that the system is ready for reboot at any point after a successful stow operation. When used outside of Fuchsia, or in a Fuchsia user-mode application, no cache manipulation takes place.