Inspect Library

This document was last reviewed for accuracy on: 2022-06-10

Inspect is a library for exposing structured, hierarchical diagnostics information from components at runtime. Full documentation for the Component Inspection project can be found here.


Inspect can be used in-tree by depending on the //zircon/public/lib/inspect GN target and using #include <lib/inspect/cpp/inspect.h>.

Our quickstart guide is available here.

Inspect data may be read from components using the iquery tool.

Inspect is also available in the SDK.


#include <lib/inspect/cpp/inspect.h>

Support for writing Inspect data to a VMO.

#include <lib/inspect/cpp/reader.h>

Support for reading Inspect data from a VMO or an inspect::Snapshot of a VMO.

#include <lib/inspect/cpp/health.h>

Support for attaching health information to Inspect nodes. This information can be read and aggregated by iquery --health.


fx set ... --with //zircon/system/ulib/inspect:tests
fx test -od inspect-cpp-unittest