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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package cli
import (
type ArchiveConfig struct {
outputDir string
lkgPath string
artifactsPath string
archive *artifacts.Archive
func NewArchiveConfig(fs *flag.FlagSet) *ArchiveConfig {
c := &ArchiveConfig{}
testDataPath := filepath.Join(filepath.Dir(os.Args[0]), "test_data", "system-tests")
fs.StringVar(&c.outputDir, "output-dir", "", "save temporary files to this directory, defaults to a tempdir")
fs.StringVar(&c.lkgPath, "lkg", filepath.Join(testDataPath, "lkg"), "path to lkg, default is $FUCHSIA_DIR/prebuilt/tools/lkg/lkg")
fs.StringVar(&c.artifactsPath, "artifacts", filepath.Join(testDataPath, "artifacts"), "path to the artifacts binary, default is $FUCHSIA_DIR/prebuilt/tools/artifacts/artifacts")
return c
func (c *ArchiveConfig) OutputDir() (string, func(), error) {
// If we specified an -output-dir, return it, and a cleanup function
// that does nothing.
if c.outputDir != "" {
return c.outputDir, func() {}, nil
// Otherwise create a tempdir, and return a cleanup function that
// deletes the tempdir when called.
outputDir, err := ioutil.TempDir("", "system-tests")
if err != nil {
return "", func() {}, err
return outputDir, func() { os.RemoveAll(outputDir) }, nil
func (c *ArchiveConfig) BuildArchive() *artifacts.Archive {
if c.archive == nil {
// Connect to the build archive service.
c.archive = artifacts.NewArchive(c.lkgPath, c.artifactsPath)
return c.archive