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  1. blobfs-ramdisk/
  2. fake-omaha-client/
  3. invalid-fars/
  4. mock-boot-arguments/
  5. mock-crash-reporter/
  6. mock-installer/
  7. mock-metrics/
  8. mock-omaha-server/
  9. mock-paver/
  10. mock-reboot/
  11. mock-resolver/
  12. mock-space/
  13. mock-verifier/
  14. shell-process/


Helper libraries for testing packaging components. Mostly useful for writing integration tests which test fidl protocols.

For the integration tests themselves, see //src/sys/pkg/tests.

Tips for integration testing

  • When writing mocks for fidl protocols, avoid asserting that responders can send the response without error. This is important to prevent integration tests from flaking. Otherwise, if the integration test env is torn down before a request completes, the mock can panic when trying to respond through a closed channel, which would produce a flake.