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component manager

Reviewed on: 2019-07-12

Component manager is the program that implements the Fuchsia component framework's runtime. More information about what components are, what semantics they provide, and how to use them is available at:


Component manager should be included in all builds of Fuchsia, but if missing can be added to builds by including --with //src/sys/component_manager to the fx set invocation.


Component manager runs by default on all Fuchsia builds.


To add component manager tests to your build environment, include --with //src/sys/component_manager:tests to your fx set invocation. For example:

$ fx set core.x64 --release --with //src/sys/component_manager:tests

To run component manager unit tests:

$ fx test component_manager_tests

For integration tests, see tests/.

Source layout

The entrypoint is located in src/, and the core model implementation is under src/model/. Unit tests are co-located with the code, with the exception of src/model/ which has unit tests in src/model/tests/. Integration tests live in tests/.


See Contributing to the Component Framework for development best practices in component manager.