fuchsia_inspect is a library for writing and reading Inspect-formatted VMOs. Docs are available here.


This project should be automatically included in builds.


fuchsia_inspect can be used by depending on the //src/lib/diagnostics/inspect/rust GN target and then using the fuchsia_inspect crate in a Rust project.

fuchsia_inspect is not available in the SDK.


Unit tests for fuchsia_inspect are available in the fuchsia_inspect_tests package:

$ fx test fuchsia_inspect_tests

You'll need to include //src/lib/diagnostics/inspect/rust:tests in your build, either by using fx args to put it under universe_package_labels, or by fx set [....] --with //src/lib/diagnostics/inspect/rust:tests.


Benchmarks for fuchsia_inspect are available in the rust_inspect_benchmarks package.

One way to run the benchmarks is with the following commands:

$ fx test --e2e rust_inspect_benchmarks_test
$ fx test --e2e rust_inspect_reader_benchmarks_test

You'll need to include //src/tests/end_to_end/perf:test in your build, by including it in your build set. You also need to build as workstation_eng.x64 or terminal.x64. For example, fx set workstation_eng.x64 --with //src/tests/end_to_end/perf:test.

When adding a new benchmark, the test must be added to the appropriate Dart file, either //src/tests/end_to_end/perf/test/rust_inspect_benchmarks_test.dart or //src/tests/end_to_end/perf/test/rust_inspect_reader_benchmarks_test.dart, to be registered.