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Fuchsia Vulkan Benchmarks

The Vulkan benchmarks include:

Spinel SVG viewer: spinel-vk-bench

A benchmark that exercises the Vulkan API, the Vulkan device's display, and user input.

It is GPU compute-bound or memory-bound with the CPU nearly idle.

For now, only basic SVGs are supported by the parser.

Vulkan radix sorting library: radix-sort-vk-bench

A sorting benchmark that submits a number of intensive compute shaders onto the Vulkan device and captures elapsed times.

For the same hardware any observed differences across hosts should be minimal unless the driver’s codegen is different.

CPU↔GPU latency measurement: bench-vk

A microbenchmark that captures the round trip time of a GPU submission and completion using several different submit-and-wait Vulkan mechanisms.

This benchmark quantifies the overhead and latency of Magma/FIDL.


(host)$ fx set core.chromebook-x64                                                         \
   --with //src/graphics/lib/compute:vulkan-tests                                          \
   --with //src/graphics/lib/compute:compute-benchmarks                                    \
   --args='core_realm_shards += [ "//src/graphics/lib/compute:compute-benchmarks-shard" ]' \
   --release                                                                               \

Resolve the /core/compute-benchmarks instance

(host)$ ffx component resolve /core/compute-benchmarks

Explore the /core/compute-benchmarks instance

(host)$ ffx component explore -l namespace /core/compute-benchmarks
$ ls pkg/bin

Run bench-vk:

(host)$ ffx component explore -l namespace /core/compute-benchmarks
$ bench-vk

Run radix-sort-vk-bench:

(host)$ ffx component explore -l namespace /core/compute-benchmarks
$ radix-sort-vk-bench 8086:591C pkg/data/targets/ direct 16384 1048576

Run spinel-vk-bench:

There are three steps:

  1. Get an example SVG file.
  2. Copy it to the /core/compute-benchmarks instance.
  3. Run spinel-vk-bench for 20 seconds while rotating around (100,100) and scaled by 2.0. The Vulkan Validation layers are disabled with -Q.
(host)$ wget -P /tmp
(host)$ ffx component copy /tmp/UAB_Blazers_logo.svg /core/compute-benchmarks::/cache
(host)$ ffx component explore -l namespace /core/compute-benchmarks
$ spinel-vk-bench -f /cache/UAB_Blazers_logo.svg -Q -t 20 -r -c 100,100:2
$ <Esc on device or Ctrl-C on host to exit>