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  2. dwc2-device.h
  4. test_bind.json
  5. usb-phy-regs.h
  6. vim3-usb-phy-info.json
  8. vim3-usb-phy.h
  9. vim3_usb_phy.bind
  10. xhci-device.h

Note: This driver is cloned from aml-usb-phy-v2. There are some differences for Vim3 (A311D Amlogic SoC) which motivated this cloning.

Key differences are as below -

  • Vim3 has 2 USB-A port in addition to the USB-C port. The USB-C port can only act as a peripheral device. Therefore, both dwc2 and xhci devices need to be added.
  • The USB-A port next to the ethernet supports USB 3.0. Some of the PLL settings and mode settings are changed to support USB 3.0.