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// Copyright 2023 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <lib/async_patterns/cpp/task_scope.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <optional>
#include <random>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
namespace driver_manager {
class Node;
class NodeRemovalTracker;
enum class Collection : uint8_t;
using NodeId = uint32_t;
enum class RemovalSet : uint8_t {
kAll, // Remove the boot drivers and the package drivers
kPackage, // Remove the package drivers
// Represents the actions of the node after shutdown is completed.
enum class ShutdownIntent : uint8_t {
kRemoval, // Removes the node from the topology. The default shutdown intention.
kRestart, // Restarts the node and attempts to bind it to a new driver.
kRebindComposite, // Removes the composite node from the topology for rebind. Only invoked if the
// node is a composite.
enum class NodeState : uint8_t {
kRunning, // Normal running state.
kPrestop, // Still running, but will remove soon. usually because the node
// received Remove(kPackage), but is a boot driver.
kWaitingOnDriverBind, // Waiting for the driver to complete binding.
kWaitingOnChildren, // Received Remove, and waiting for children to be removed.
kWaitingOnDriver, // Waiting for driver to respond from Stop() command.
kWaitingOnDriverComponent, // Waiting driver component to be destroyed.
kStopped, // Node finished shutdown.
// Bridge class for node-related interactions.
class NodeShutdownBridge {
// Returns a pair that contains the node's component moniker and collection. Used to
// register the node to the NodeRemovalTracker.
virtual std::pair<std::string, Collection> GetRemovalTrackerInfo() = 0;
// Sends a Stop request to the driver. Invoked when transitioning to kWaitingOnDriver.
virtual void StopDriver() = 0;
// Closes the driver component connection to signal to CF that the component has
// stopped and ensures the component is destroyed. Invoked when transitioning to
// kWaitingOnDriverComponent.
virtual void StopDriverComponent() = 0;
// Clean up work before shutdown is complete. Invoked when transitioning to kStopped.
// The implementation is expected to invoke the callback once the node finished shutdown.
// Once the callback is invoked, the node state changes to to kStopped and the node removal
// tracker is notified.
virtual void FinishShutdown(fit::callback<void()> shutdown_callback) = 0;
virtual bool IsPendingBind() const = 0;
virtual bool HasChildren() const = 0;
virtual bool HasDriver() const = 0;
virtual bool HasDriverComponent() const = 0;
// Coordinates and keeps track of the node's shutdown process.
class ShutdownHelper {
explicit ShutdownHelper(NodeShutdownBridge* bridge, async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher,
bool enable_test_shutdown_delays, std::weak_ptr<std::mt19937> rng_gen);
~ShutdownHelper() = default;
static const char* NodeStateAsString(NodeState state);
// Begin the removal process for a Node. This function ensures that a Node is
// only removed after all of its children are removed. It also ensures that
// a Node is only removed after the driver that is bound to it has been stopped.
// This is safe to call multiple times.
// There are multiple reasons a Node's removal will be started:
// - The system is being stopped.
// - The Node had an unexpected error or disconnect
// During a system stop, Remove is expected to be called twice:
// once with |removal_set| == kPackage, and once with |removal_set| == kAll.
// Errors and disconnects that are unrecoverable should call Remove(kAll, nullptr).
static void Remove(std::shared_ptr<Node> node, RemovalSet removal_set,
NodeRemovalTracker* removal_tracker);
// Reset the shutdown values. Should only be called after shutdown is complete.
void ResetShutdown();
// Functions that check and transition the node's state.
void CheckNodeState();
void CheckWaitingOnDriverBind();
void CheckWaitingOnChildren();
void CheckWaitingOnDriver();
void CheckWaitingOnDriverComponent();
// Invokes |action|, which is the actions for transitioning to the next
// another state. If |kEnableShutdownDelay| is true and generates a randomized
// delay, then the action is invoked asynchronously with the delay.
void PerformTransition(fit::function<void()> action);
void UpdateAndNotifyState(NodeState state);
void NotifyRemovalTracker();
bool IsShuttingDown() const;
const char* NodeStateAsString() const { return ShutdownHelper::NodeStateAsString(node_state_); }
NodeState node_state() const { return node_state_; }
// TODO( Handle shutdown intent priority. Currently it's possible
// for rebind or restart to override a a removal in process.
void set_shutdown_intent(ShutdownIntent intent) { shutdown_intent_ = intent; }
ShutdownIntent shutdown_intent() const { return shutdown_intent_; }
void SetRemovalTracker(NodeRemovalTracker* tracker);
// Generates a random test delay in milliseconds. Returns std::nullopt if
// |enable_test_shutdown_delays_| is false.
std::optional<uint32_t> GenerateTestDelayMs();
std::optional<NodeId> removal_id_;
// Only set in system shutdown.
NodeRemovalTracker* removal_tracker_ = nullptr;
NodeState node_state_ = NodeState::kRunning;
ShutdownIntent shutdown_intent_ = ShutdownIntent::kRemoval;
// Owner. Must outlive ShutdownHelper.
NodeShutdownBridge* bridge_;
// Set to true when the ShutdownHelper is in the process of transitioning
// node states. Only set if |enable_test_shutdown_delays_| is enabled. Used to prevent
// multiple state transitions from happening at the same time.
bool is_transition_pending_ = false;
bool enable_test_shutdown_delays_;
// Randomizer for injecting delays in shutdown. Only used when |enable_test_shutdown_delays_|
// is true.
std::weak_ptr<std::mt19937> rng_gen_;
std::uniform_int_distribution<uint64_t> distribution_;
async_patterns::TaskScope tasks_;
} // namespace driver_manager