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// Copyright 2022 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fidl/fuchsia.component.runner/cpp/wire.h>
#include <fidl/fuchsia.driver.development/cpp/fidl.h>
#include <fidl/fuchsia.driver.framework/cpp/fidl.h>
#include <fidl/>
#include <fidl/fuchsia.driver.index/cpp/wire.h>
#include <zircon/assert.h>
#include <list>
#include <memory>
#include <utility>
#include "lib/fidl/cpp/wire/client.h"
#include "lib/fidl/cpp/wire/internal/transport_channel.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/bind/bind_result_tracker.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/controller_allowlist_passthrough.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/devfs/devfs.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/driver_host.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/inspect.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/shutdown/shutdown_helper.h"
namespace driver_manager {
// This function creates a composite offer based on a service offer.
std::optional<fuchsia_component_decl::wire::Offer> CreateCompositeServiceOffer(
fidl::AnyArena& arena, fuchsia_component_decl::wire::Offer& offer,
std::string_view parents_name, bool primary_parent);
class Node;
class NodeRemovalTracker;
using AddNodeResultCallback = fit::callback<void(
fit::result<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeError, std::shared_ptr<Node>>)>;
using DestroyDriverComponentCallback =
fit::callback<void(fidl::WireUnownedResult<fuchsia_component::Realm::DestroyChild>& result)>;
class NodeManager {
virtual ~NodeManager() = default;
// Attempt to bind `node`.
// A nullptr for result_tracker is acceptable if the caller doesn't intend to
// track the results.
virtual void Bind(Node& node, std::shared_ptr<BindResultTracker> result_tracker) = 0;
virtual void BindToUrl(Node& node, std::string_view driver_url_suffix,
std::shared_ptr<BindResultTracker> result_tracker) {
ZX_PANIC("Unimplemented BindToUrl");
virtual zx::result<> StartDriver(Node& node, std::string_view url,
fuchsia_driver_framework::DriverPackageType package_type) {
return zx::error(ZX_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED);
virtual zx::result<DriverHost*> CreateDriverHost(bool use_next_vdso) = 0;
// DriverHost lifetimes are managed through a linked list, and they will delete themselves
// when the FIDL connection is closed. Currently in the Node class we store a raw pointer to the
// DriverHost object, and do not have a way to remove it from the class when the underlying
// DriverHost object is deallocated. This function will return true if the underlying DriverHost
// object is still alive and in the linked list. Otherwise returns false.
virtual bool IsDriverHostValid(DriverHost* driver_host) const { return true; }
// Destroys the dynamic child component that runs the driver associated with
// `node`.
virtual void DestroyDriverComponent(Node& node, DestroyDriverComponentCallback callback) = 0;
virtual void RebindComposite(std::string spec, std::optional<std::string> driver_url,
fit::callback<void(zx::result<>)> callback) {}
virtual bool IsTestShutdownDelayEnabled() const { return false; }
virtual std::weak_ptr<std::mt19937> GetShutdownTestRng() const {
return std::weak_ptr<std::mt19937>();
enum class Collection : uint8_t {
// Collection for boot drivers.
// Collection for package drivers.
// Collection for universe package drivers.
enum class NodeType {
kNormal, // Normal non-composite node.
kComposite, // Composite node created from composite node specs.
enum class DriverState : uint8_t {
kStopped, // Driver is not running.
kBinding, // Driver's bind hook is scheduled and running.
kRunning, // Driver finished binding and is running.
class Node : public fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeController>,
public fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_driver_framework::Node>,
public fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_component_runner::ComponentController>,
public fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_device::Controller>,
public fidl::WireAsyncEventHandler<fuchsia_driver_host::Driver>,
public std::enable_shared_from_this<Node>,
public NodeShutdownBridge {
Node(std::string_view name, std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Node>> parents, NodeManager* node_manager,
async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher, DeviceInspect inspect, uint32_t primary_index = 0,
NodeType type = NodeType::kNormal);
~Node() override;
static zx::result<std::shared_ptr<Node>> CreateCompositeNode(
std::string_view node_name, std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Node>> parents,
std::vector<std::string> parents_names,
const std::vector<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodePropertyEntry>& parent_properties,
NodeManager* driver_binder, async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher, uint32_t primary_index = 0);
// NodeShutdownBridge
// Exposed for testing.
bool HasDriverComponent() const override {
return driver_component_.has_value() && driver_component_->state != DriverState::kStopped;
void OnBind() const;
bool is_bound() const { return driver_component_.has_value(); }
// Begin the removal process for a Node. This function ensures that a Node is
// only removed after all of its children are removed. It also ensures that
// a Node is only removed after the driver that is bound to it has been stopped.
// This is safe to call multiple times.
// There are multiple reasons a Node's removal will be started:
// - The system is being stopped.
// - The Node had an unexpected error or disconnect
// During a system stop, Remove is expected to be called twice:
// once with |removal_set| == kPackage, and once with |removal_set| == kAll.
// Errors and disconnects that are unrecoverable should call Remove(kAll, nullptr).
void Remove(RemovalSet removal_set, NodeRemovalTracker* removal_tracker);
// `callback` is invoked once the node has finished being added or an error
// has occurred.
void AddChild(fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeAddArgs args,
fidl::ServerEnd<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeController> controller,
fidl::ServerEnd<fuchsia_driver_framework::Node> node,
AddNodeResultCallback callback);
// Add this Node to its parents. This should be called when the node is created. Exposed for
// testing.
void AddToParents();
// Begins the process of restarting the node. Restarting a node includes stopping and removing
// all children nodes, stopping the driver that is bound to the node, and asking the NodeManager
// to bind the node again. The restart operation is very similar to the Remove operation, the
// difference being once the children are removed, and the driver stopped, we don't remove the
// node from the topology but instead bind the node again.
void RestartNode();
void RemoveCompositeNodeForRebind(fit::callback<void(zx::result<>)> completer);
// Restarting a node WithRematch, means that instead of re-using the currently bound driver,
// another MatchDriver call will be made into the driver index to find a new driver to bind.
void RestartNodeWithRematch(std::optional<std::string> restart_driver_url_suffix,
fit::callback<void(zx::result<>)> completer);
void RestartNodeWithRematch();
void StartDriver(fuchsia_component_runner::wire::ComponentStartInfo start_info,
fidl::ServerEnd<fuchsia_component_runner::ComponentController> controller,
fit::callback<void(zx::result<>)> cb);
bool IsComposite() const { return type_ == NodeType::kComposite; }
// Exposed for testing.
// Set properties to non-composite node properties containing a clone of `properties` and
void SetNonCompositeProperties(
cpp20::span<const fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeProperty> properties);
// Evaluates the given rematch_flags against the node. Returns true if rematch should take place,
// false otherwise. Rematching is done based on the node type and url both matching:
// For node type, if the node is a composite, the rematch flags must contain the flag
// for the composite variant that the node is. No validation for non-composites.
// For the url, rematch takes place if either:
// - the url matches the requested_url and the 'requested' flag is available.
// - the url does not match and the 'non_requested' flag is available.
bool EvaluateRematchFlags(fuchsia_driver_development::RestartRematchFlags rematch_flags,
std::string_view requested_url);
// Creates the node's topological path by combining each primary parent's name together,
// separated by '/'.
// E.g: dev/sys/topo/path
std::string MakeTopologicalPath() const;
// Make the node's component moniker by making the topological path and then replacing
// characters not allowed by the component framework.
// E.g: dev.sys.topo.path
std::string MakeComponentMoniker() const;
// Exposed for testing.
Node* GetPrimaryParent() const {
return parents_.empty() ? nullptr : parents_[primary_index_].lock().get();
// This should be used on the root node. Install the root node at the top of the devfs filesystem.
void SetupDevfsForRootNode(std::optional<Devfs>& devfs) {
// This is exposed for testing. Setup this node's devfs nodes.
void AddToDevfsForTesting(Devnode& parent) {
parent.add_child(name_, std::nullopt, Devnode::Target(), devfs_device_);
// Invoked when a bind sequence has been completed. It allows us to reply to outstanding bind
// requests that may have originated from the node.
void CompleteBind(zx::result<> result);
ShutdownHelper& GetShutdownHelper();
NodeState GetNodeState() { return GetShutdownHelper().node_state(); }
const std::string& name() const { return name_; }
NodeType type() const { return type_; }
const DriverHost* driver_host() const {
if (node_manager_.has_value() && node_manager_.value()->IsDriverHostValid(*driver_host_)) {
return *driver_host_;
return nullptr;
const std::string& driver_url() const;
const std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Node>>& parents() const { return parents_; }
const std::list<std::shared_ptr<Node>>& children() const { return children_; }
fidl::ArenaBase& arena() { return arena_; }
// TODO( Once FIDL wire types support a Clone() method,
// remove the const_cast.
fidl::VectorView<fuchsia_component_decl::wire::Offer> offers() const {
return fidl::VectorView<fuchsia_component_decl::wire::Offer>::FromExternal(
// TODO( Remove const_cast once VectorView supports const.
fidl::VectorView<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeSymbol> symbols() const {
return fidl::VectorView<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeSymbol>::FromExternal(
// Returns the node properties of the node and its parents if the node is a composite node.
// See `properties_` property for more info.
const fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodePropertyDictionary& properties() const {
return properties_;
// Returns the node properties of the node or the node's parent if the node is a composite node.
// Returns std::nullopt if the node is a non-composite and `parent_name` is not "default".
// Returns std::nullopt if the parent node cannot be found.
// See `properties_` property for more info.
std::optional<cpp20::span<const fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeProperty>> GetNodeProperties(
std::string_view parent_name = "default") const;
const Collection& collection() const { return collection_; }
const fuchsia_driver_framework::DriverPackageType& driver_package_type() const {
return driver_package_type_;
DevfsDevice& devfs_device() { return devfs_device_; }
bool can_multibind_composites() const { return can_multibind_composites_; }
void set_collection(Collection collection) { collection_ = collection; }
void set_driver_package_type(fuchsia_driver_framework::DriverPackageType driver_package_type) {
driver_package_type_ = driver_package_type;
void set_offers(std::vector<fuchsia_component_decl::wire::Offer> offers) {
offers_ = std::move(offers);
void set_symbols(std::vector<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeSymbol> symbols) {
symbols_ = std::move(symbols);
void set_can_multibind_composites(bool can_multibind_composites) {
can_multibind_composites_ = can_multibind_composites;
ShutdownIntent shutdown_intent() { return GetShutdownHelper().shutdown_intent(); }
struct DriverComponent {
DriverComponent(Node& node, std::string url,
fidl::ServerEnd<fuchsia_component_runner::ComponentController> controller,
fidl::ClientEnd<fuchsia_driver_host::Driver> driver);
// This represents the Driver Component within the Component Framework.
// When this is closed with an epitaph it signals to the Component Framework
// that this driver component has stopped.
fidl::ServerBinding<fuchsia_component_runner::ComponentController> component_controller_ref;
fidl::WireClient<fuchsia_driver_host::Driver> driver;
std::string driver_url;
DriverState state = DriverState::kBinding;
// fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_device::Controller>
void ConnectToDeviceFidl(ConnectToDeviceFidlRequestView request,
ConnectToDeviceFidlCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void ConnectToController(ConnectToControllerRequestView request,
ConnectToControllerCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void Bind(BindRequestView request, BindCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void Rebind(RebindRequestView request, RebindCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void UnbindChildren(UnbindChildrenCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void ScheduleUnbind(ScheduleUnbindCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void GetTopologicalPath(GetTopologicalPathCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
// This is called when fuchsia_driver_host::Driver is closed.
void on_fidl_error(fidl::UnbindInfo info) override;
// fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_component_runner::ComponentController>
// We ignore these signals.
void Stop(StopCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void Kill(KillCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
// fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeController>
void Remove(RemoveCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void RequestBind(RequestBindRequestView request, RequestBindCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void handle_unknown_method(
fidl::UnknownMethodMetadata<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeController> metadata,
fidl::UnknownMethodCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
// fidl::WireServer<fuchsia_driver_framework::Node>
void AddChild(AddChildRequestView request, AddChildCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
void handle_unknown_method(fidl::UnknownMethodMetadata<fuchsia_driver_framework::Node> metadata,
fidl::UnknownMethodCompleter::Sync& completer) override;
// NodeShutdownBridge
std::pair<std::string, Collection> GetRemovalTrackerInfo() override;
void StopDriver() override;
void StopDriverComponent() override;
void FinishShutdown(fit::callback<void()> shutdown_callback) override;
bool HasChildren() const override { return !children_.empty(); }
bool HasDriver() const override {
return driver_component_.has_value() && driver_component_->driver;
bool IsPendingBind() const override {
if (!driver_component_) {
return false;
return driver_component_->driver && driver_component_->state == DriverState::kBinding;
void BindHelper(bool force_rebind, std::optional<std::string> driver_url_suffix,
fit::callback<void(zx_status_t)> on_bind_complete);
// Shutdown helpers:
// Remove a child from this parent
void RemoveChild(const std::shared_ptr<Node>& child);
// Start the node's driver back up.
void FinishRestart();
// Clear out the values associated with the driver on the driver host.
void ClearHostDriver();
// Call `callback` once child node with the name `name` has been removed.
// Returns an error if a child node with the name `name` exists and is not in
// the process of being removed.
void WaitForChildToExit(
std::string_view name,
fit::callback<void(fit::result<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeError>)> callback);
std::shared_ptr<BindResultTracker> CreateBindResultTracker();
fit::result<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeError, std::shared_ptr<Node>> AddChildHelper(
fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeAddArgs args,
fidl::ServerEnd<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeController> controller,
fidl::ServerEnd<fuchsia_driver_framework::Node> node);
// Set the inspect data and publish it. This should be called once as the node is being created.
void SetAndPublishInspect();
// Creates a passthrough for the associated devfs node that will connect to
// the device controller of this node if no connector provided, or the connection
// type is not supported.
Devnode::Target CreateDevfsPassthrough(
std::optional<fidl::ClientEnd<fuchsia_device_fs::Connector>> connector,
std::optional<fidl::ClientEnd<fuchsia_device_fs::Connector>> controller_connector,
bool allow_controller_connection, const std::string& class_name);
zx_status_t ConnectControllerInterface(fidl::ServerEnd<fuchsia_device::Controller> server_end);
zx_status_t ConnectDeviceInterface(zx::channel channel);
// Set properties to composite node properties containing a clone of the node properties of
// `parents_`.
void SetCompositeParentProperties(
const std::vector<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodePropertyEntry>& parent_properties);
// Update `properties_dict_` to identify the contents of `properties_`.
void SynchronizePropertiesDict();
std::string name_;
NodeType type_;
// If this is a composite device, this stores the list of each parent's names.
std::vector<std::string> parents_names_;
std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Node>> parents_;
uint32_t primary_index_ = 0;
std::list<std::shared_ptr<Node>> children_;
fit::nullable<NodeManager*> node_manager_;
async_dispatcher_t* const dispatcher_;
// TODO( Set this flag from NodeAddArgs.
bool can_multibind_composites_ = true;
bool host_restart_on_crash_ = false;
fidl::Arena<128> arena_;
std::vector<fuchsia_component_decl::wire::Offer> offers_;
std::vector<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeSymbol> symbols_;
// Contains the properties of the node or its parents if the node is a composite or legacy
// composite node. "default" entry refers to the node's properties if the node is a
// non-composite. "default" entry refers to the primary parent node's properties if the node is a
// composite. All referenced data is owned by `arena_`. Make sure to call
// `Node::SynchronizePropertiesDict()` when modified.
fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodePropertyDictionary properties_;
// Maps the node properties of the entries of `properties_` by their name.
std::unordered_map<std::string, cpp20::span<const fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::NodeProperty>>
Collection collection_ = Collection::kNone;
fuchsia_driver_framework::DriverPackageType driver_package_type_;
fit::nullable<DriverHost*> driver_host_;
// An outstanding rebind request.
std::optional<fit::callback<void(zx::result<>)>> pending_bind_completer_;
// Set by RemoveCompositeNodeForRebind(). Invoked when the node finished shutting down.
std::optional<fit::callback<void(zx::result<>)>> composite_rebind_completer_;
std::optional<std::string> restart_driver_url_suffix_;
// Invoked when the node has been fully removed.
fit::callback<void()> remove_complete_callback_;
std::optional<DriverComponent> driver_component_;
std::optional<fidl::ServerBinding<fuchsia_driver_framework::Node>> node_ref_;
std::optional<fidl::ServerBinding<fuchsia_driver_framework::NodeController>> controller_ref_;
// The device's inspect information.
DeviceInspect inspect_;
std::unique_ptr<ShutdownHelper> shutdown_helper_;
// This represents the node's presence in devfs, both it's topological path and it's class path.
DevfsDevice devfs_device_;
// Connector to service exported to devfs
std::optional<fidl::ClientEnd<fuchsia_device_fs::Connector>> devfs_connector_;
// Connector to fuchsia_device/Controller exported to devfs.
// This is only used by the compat shim to override the node's own controller
// implementation.
fidl::ServerBindingGroup<fuchsia_device::Controller> dev_controller_bindings_;
std::unique_ptr<ControllerAllowlistPassthrough> controller_allowlist_passthrough_;
// Completers that are waiting for the node to unbind all of its children.
std::vector<UnbindChildrenCompleter::Async> unbinding_children_completers_;
} // namespace driver_manager