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// Copyright 2023 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <lib/fit/defer.h>
#include <lib/fit/function.h>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/bind_result_tracker.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/composite_node_spec/composite_node_spec_manager.h"
#include "src/devices/bin/driver_manager/node.h"
namespace driver_manager {
using CompositeParents = fidl::VectorView<fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::CompositeParent>;
using OwnedCompositeParents = std::vector<fuchsia_driver_framework::CompositeParent>;
class DriverRunner;
struct BindRequest {
std::weak_ptr<Node> node;
std::string driver_url_suffix;
std::shared_ptr<BindResultTracker> tracker;
bool composite_only;
class BindResult {
BindResult() : data_(std::monostate{}) {}
explicit BindResult(std::string_view driver_url) : data_(std::string(driver_url)) {}
explicit BindResult(OwnedCompositeParents composite_parents)
: data_(std::move(composite_parents)) {}
bool bound() const { return !std::holds_alternative<std::monostate>(data_); }
bool is_driver_url() const { return std::holds_alternative<std::string>(data_); }
bool is_composite_parents() const { return std::holds_alternative<OwnedCompositeParents>(data_); }
std::string_view driver_url() const {
return std::get<std::string>(data_);
const OwnedCompositeParents& composite_parents() const {
return std::get<OwnedCompositeParents>(data_);
std::variant<std::monostate, std::string, OwnedCompositeParents> data_;
// Bridge class for driver manager related interactions.
class BindManagerBridge {
virtual zx::result<BindSpecResult> BindToParentSpec(fidl::AnyArena& arena,
CompositeParents composite_parents,
std::weak_ptr<Node> node,
bool enable_multibind) = 0;
virtual zx::result<std::string> StartDriver(
Node& node, fuchsia_driver_framework::wire::DriverInfo driver_info) = 0;
virtual void RequestMatchFromDriverIndex(
fuchsia_driver_index::wire::MatchDriverArgs args,
match_callback) = 0;
// This class keeps track of all the nodes available for binding. Its purpose is to prevent the set
// of nodes from being modified during an ongoing bind process, which is the cause of most async
// bind errors. During an ongoing bind process, it'll keep track of any new changes to the orphaned
// and multibind nodes, and then apply the changes once the process is complete.
class BindNodeSet {
// Starts the next bind process. If there's already an ongoing bind, complete it and prepare
// the node sets for the next bind process.
void StartNextBindProcess();
// Complete the bind process and set |is_bind_ongoing_| to false. Must only be called when
// |is_bind_ongoing_| is true.
void EndBindProcess();
void AddOrphanedNode(Node& node);
// If available, remove the node with the matching |node_moniker| from |orphaned_nodes_|.
void RemoveOrphanedNode(std::string node_moniker);
// Add |node| to |multibind_nodes_|. Remove it from |orphaned_nodes_| if it exists.
void AddOrMoveMultibindNode(Node& node);
bool MultibindContains(std::string node_moniker) const;
// Functions to return a copy of |orphaned_nodes_| and |multibind_nodes_|. We return a copy, not
// const reference to prevent iterator invalidating errors.
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::weak_ptr<Node>> CurrentOrphanedNodes() const {
return orphaned_nodes_;
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::weak_ptr<Node>> CurrentMultibindNodes() const {
return multibind_nodes_;
size_t NumOfOrphanedNodes() const { return orphaned_nodes_.size(); }
size_t NumOfAvailableNodes() const { return orphaned_nodes_.size() + multibind_nodes_.size(); }
bool is_bind_ongoing() const { return is_bind_ongoing_; }
// Completes the current bind process by applying all the new changes to |orphaned_nodes_| and
// |multibind_nodes_|. Must only be called when |is_bind_ongoing_| is true.
void CompleteOngoingBind();
// Orphaned nodes are nodes that have failed to bind to a driver, either
// because no matching driver could be found, or because the matching driver
// failed to start. Maps the node's component moniker to its weak pointer. Should be mutually
// exclusive to |multibind_nodes_|.
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::weak_ptr<Node>> orphaned_nodes_;
// A list of nodes that can multibind to composites. In DFv1, a node can parent multiple composite
// nodes. To follow that same behavior, we store the parents in a map to bind them
// to other composites. A node is added to this set if it's matched to a composite's parent and
// contains the composite multibindable flag. Should be mutually exclusive to |orphaned_nodes_|.
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::weak_ptr<Node>> multibind_nodes_;
// Sets that contain the new changes to |orphaned_nodes_| and |multibind_nodes_|. When
// CompleteOngoingBind() is called, the changes transferred over to them.
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::weak_ptr<Node>> new_orphaned_nodes_;
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::weak_ptr<Node>> new_multibind_nodes_;
// True when a bind process is ongoing. Set to true by StartNextBindProcess() and false by
// EndBindProcess().
bool is_bind_ongoing_ = false;
// This class is responsible for managing driver binding.
class BindManager {
explicit BindManager(BindManagerBridge* bridge, NodeManager* node_manager,
async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher);
void Bind(Node& node, std::string_view driver_url_suffix,
std::shared_ptr<BindResultTracker> result_tracker);
void TryBindAllAvailable(
NodeBindingInfoResultCallback result_callback =
[](fidl::VectorView<fuchsia_driver_development::wire::NodeBindingInfo>) {});
void RecordInspect(inspect::Inspector& inspector) const;
std::vector<fuchsia_driver_development::wire::CompositeNodeInfo> GetCompositeListInfo(
fidl::AnyArena& arena) const;
// Exposed for testing.
size_t NumOrphanedNodes() const { return bind_node_set_.NumOfOrphanedNodes(); }
// Exposed for testing.
const BindNodeSet& bind_node_set() const { return bind_node_set_; }
// Exposed for testing.
std::vector<BindRequest> pending_bind_requests() const { return pending_bind_requests_; }
// Exposed for testing.
const std::vector<NodeBindingInfoResultCallback>& pending_orphan_rebind_callbacks() const {
return pending_orphan_rebind_callbacks_;
using BindMatchCompleteCallback = fit::callback<void()>;
// Should only be called when |bind_node_set_.is_bind_ongoing()| is true.
void BindInternal(
BindRequest request, BindMatchCompleteCallback match_complete_callback = []() {});
// Should only be called when |bind_node_set_.is_bind_ongoing()| is true and |orphaned_nodes_| is
// not empty.
void TryBindAllAvailableInternal(std::shared_ptr<BindResultTracker> tracker);
// Process any pending bind requests that were queued during an ongoing bind process.
// Should only be called when |bind_node_set_.is_bind_ongoing()| is true.
void ProcessPendingBindRequests();
// Callback function for a Driver Index match request.
void OnMatchDriverCallback(
BindRequest request,
fidl::WireUnownedResult<fuchsia_driver_index::DriverIndex::MatchDriver>& result,
BindMatchCompleteCallback match_complete_callback);
// Binds |node| to |result|.
// Result contains a vector of composite spec info that the node binded to if it matched composite
// spec parents, or it will have a string with the driver URL if it matched directly to a driver.
BindResult BindNodeToResult(
Node& node, bool composite_only,
fidl::WireUnownedResult<fuchsia_driver_index::DriverIndex::MatchDriver>& result,
bool has_tracker);
zx::result<CompositeParents> BindNodeToSpec(fidl::AnyArena& arena, Node& node,
CompositeParents composite_parents);
// Queue of TryBindAllAvailable() callbacks pending for the next TryBindAllAvailable() trigger.
std::vector<NodeBindingInfoResultCallback> pending_orphan_rebind_callbacks_;
// Queue of Bind() calls that are made while there's an ongoing bind process. Once the process
// is complete, ProcessPendingBindRequests() goes through the queue.
std::vector<BindRequest> pending_bind_requests_;
BindNodeSet bind_node_set_;
// Must outlive BindManager.
BindManagerBridge* bridge_;
} // namespace driver_manager