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Regulatory Region Service

Reviewed on: 2019-10-18

The Regulatory Region Service provides the abilities to

  • set the regulatory region, and
  • get updates to the value of the regulatory region.


  • To add this project to your build, append --with //src/connectivity/location/regulatory_region in the fx set invocation.
  • To include tests, add --with //src/connectivity/location/regulatory_region:tests.


The Regulatory Region Service provides the following protocols:

  • fuchsia.location.named_place.RegulatoryRegionConfigurator
  • fuchsia.location.named_place.RegulatoryRegionWatcher


  • Unit tests can be run with fx test regulatory_region_tests.
  • Integration tests can be run with fx test regulatory_region_integration_test.

Source layout

  • The entrypoint is located in src/
  • Modules are enumerated in src/
  • Unit tests are placed in the same file as the implementation code that they exercise.
  • Integration tests are located in tests/.


If you‘re editing the code with an IDE, your IDE’s Rust integration will probably want a Cargo.toml file describing the source and its dependencies. You can generate the necessary Cargo file with fx gen-cargo //src/connectivity/location/regulatory_region:bin.