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Bluetooth v2 Manifest Integration Tests

A series of integration-style tests to validate the correctness of CFv2 manifests. These tests only validate the .CML declaration and do not test component behavior.

Build Configuration

Include --with //src/connectivity/bluetooth/tests in your fx set.

To run the AVRCP smoke test:

fx test bt-avrcp-smoke-test

To run the AVRCP-Target smoke test:

fx test bt-avrcp-target-smoke-test

To run the RFCOMM smoke test:

fx test bt-rfcomm-smoke-test

To run the HFP Audio Gateway smoke test:

fx test bt-hfp-audio-gateway-smoke-test

To run the A2DP smoke test: fx test bt-a2dp-smoke-test

To run the bt-init smoke test: fx test bt-init-smoke-test

To run the bt-gap smoke test: fx test bt-gap-smoke-test