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Bluetooth Profiles

The components here support various Bluetooth Profiles defined by the Bluetooth SIG.

Audio Profiles

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile in Fuchsia cannot be operated in both sink (receiving audio from a Bluetooth peer) and source (sending audio to a peer) at the same time due to limitations on the lower level profile advertisement and discovery.

Products that want to integrate Bluetooth A2DP should choose between the following options.

A2DP sink exclusively

To operate as an A2DP sink exclusively (for example, for a speaker or headphones), include these packages in your configuration:


For more information about build configuration with A2DP sink, see the profile documentation.

A2DP source exclusively

To operate as an A2DP source exclusively (for example, for a phone or music player), include these packages in your configuration:


For more information about build configuration with A2DP source, see the profile documentation.

Note that the startup config will also start the bt-avrcp-target component if it is included.

Use A2DP manager to switch between profiles

The AudioMode API is provided to switch between the source and sink roles for Bluetooth Audio if a product may need both roles (but not simultaneously).

When switching, the previous role is stopped. Any peers connected to it are disconnected from the audio, but are not disconnected from the piconet.

Peers can be disconnected using the Access API.

One AudioMode API provider is included here as bt-a2dp-manager. To include this service and the required components to run sink and source, add these packages in your configuration:


bt-a2dp-manager does not start any profile automatically, and will need to be called with an initial role after system startup to make one available.

Switching Profiles on the Command Line

The bt-a2dp-manager component can operate as a client of the AudioMode service when run with a command line argument:

$ run bt-a2dp-manager source  # Set mode to source role.
$ run bt-a2dp-manager sink  # Set mode to sink role.