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Cobalt: Telemetry with built-in privacy


Cobalt is a pipeline for collecting metrics data from user-owned devices in the field and producing aggregated reports.

Cobalt includes a suite of features for preserving user privacy and anonymity while giving product owners the data they need to improve their products.

  • Local Differential Privacy. If you enable it, Cobalt can add random noise on the client during metrics collection.
  • Shuffling. Our pipeline shuffles the collected records to break linkability. This also amplifies the level of differential privacy.
  • No IDs. Cobalt does not use device IDs or user IDs; not even pseudonymous IDs.
  • No exact timestamps. Cobalt uses day indices only.
  • Only standard metric types. Not arbitrary protocol buffers.
  • No ad-hoc, post-facto querying. Whereas on other telemetry systems standard practice is to “collect now; ask questions later”, with Cobalt the analyst must think in advance about what aggregations they wish to report and predeclare reports.
  • Only aggregated data is released. It is not possible to query the raw collected data.

Cobalt Core

The code in the Git repo at is known as Cobalt Core. Cobalt Core contains the main client-side logic for Cobalt. Cobalt Core gets pulled into a Fuchsia checkout at //third_party/cobalt.

Cobalt on Fuchsia

This directory contains an embedding of Cobalt into the Fuchsia OS. The primary components are: