Running Camera Tests

All camera tests should be run on all current targets before submitting code!

To test the camera stack:

  1. fx set [product].[board] --with //bundles/tests
  2. You may have to re-flash zedboot if you flashed with a different fx set command
  3. fx serve
  4. Restart the target device in the netboot cable configuration
  5. Run fx test //src/camera

Note: some on-device tests require the camera to be physically enabled (i.e. the device must not be muted). If a test determines that the device may be muted, a warning will be displayed and the test will be skipped.

To test camera functionality manually:

  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above for on-device test setup
  2. Run fx camera-gym

To run single tests:

Single packages can be tested by using the test package's name. For example:

fx test ge2d_task_unittest

Alternatively, the absolute path to the test package can be used. For example:

fx test //src/camera/drivers/hw_accel/ge2d