The Inspect libraries in sys::* are deprecated

Please use the inspect::* libraries.

sys_inspect library

This document was last reviewed for accuracy on: 2019-07-16

This library supports creating a default Inspector for a Fuchsia Component.

Full documentation for the Component Inspection project can be found here.


sys_inspect can be used in-tree by depending on the //sdk/lib/sys/inspect/cpp GN target and using #include <lib/sys/inspect/cpp/component.h>.

Our quickstart guide is available here.

Inspect data may be read from components using the iquery tool.


Unit tests for inspect are available in the sys_inspect_cpp_tests package.

To include them, you must pass --with //sdk/lib/sys/inspect/cpp/tests:sys_inspect_cpp_tests to fx set.

$ fx run-test sys_inspect_cpp_tests