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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.hardware.thermal;
using zx;
using fuchsia.hardware.temperature;
/// The maximum number of trip points that can be used.
const MAX_TRIP_POINTS uint32 = 16;
/// The maximum number of DVFS domains a device can support (one for each cluster in a big-little
/// architecture).
const MAX_DVFS_DOMAINS uint32 = 2;
/// The maximum number of operating points that can be used.
const MAX_DVFS_OPPS uint32 = 16;
/// Bitmask values for ThermalInfo.state.
const THERMAL_STATE_NORMAL uint32 = 0;
/// Devices with big-little architecture may have different operating points for each cluster.
/// Other devices use `BIG_CLUSTER_POWER_DOMAIN` for getting/setting the operating point.
type PowerDomain = strict enum : uint32 {
/// scpi_opp_t is typedef'd to this.
type OperatingPoint = struct {
/// The device's operating points.
opp array<OperatingPointEntry, MAX_DVFS_OPPS>;
/// In microseconds.
latency uint32;
/// The number of operating points in opp.
count uint32;
/// scpi_opp_entry_t is typedef'd to this.
type OperatingPointEntry = struct {
/// The operating point frequency in Hz.
freq_hz uint32;
/// The operating point voltage in microvolts.
volt_uv uint32;
/// Temperature units are degrees Celsius.
type ThermalInfo = struct {
/// State is a bitmask of `THERMAL_STATE_`* values.
state uint32;
/// The sensor temperature at which the system should activate passive cooling policy.
passive_temp_celsius float32;
/// The sensor temperature at which the system should perform critical shutdown.
critical_temp_celsius float32;
/// The number of trip points supported.
max_trip_count uint32;
/// The currently active trip point.
active_trip array<float32, MAX_TRIP_POINTS>;
/// Temperature units are degrees Celsius.
type ThermalTemperatureInfo = struct {
/// The temperature must rise to up_temp to get to this trip point.
up_temp_celsius float32;
/// The temperature must fall to down_temp to get to this trip point.
down_temp_celsius float32;
/// The fan level for this trip point.
fan_level uint32;
/// The operating point index of the big cluster.
big_cluster_dvfs_opp uint16;
/// The operating point index of the little cluster.
little_cluster_dvfs_opp uint16;
/// The GPU clock source index.
gpu_clk_freq_source uint32;
type ThermalDeviceInfo = struct {
/// Active cooling support.
active_cooling bool;
/// Passive cooling support.
passive_cooling bool;
/// GPU throttling support.
gpu_throttling bool;
/// Number of trip points.
num_trip_points uint32;
/// Big-little architecture.
big_little bool;
/// Critical temperature in degrees Celsius.
critical_temp_celsius float32;
/// Trip point information.
trip_point_info array<ThermalTemperatureInfo, MAX_TRIP_POINTS>;
/// Operating point information.
opps array<OperatingPoint, MAX_DVFS_DOMAINS>;
closed protocol Device {
compose fuchsia.hardware.temperature.Device;
/// Get information about the device's current state.
strict GetInfo() -> (struct {
status zx.Status;
info box<ThermalInfo>;
/// Get information about the device's thermal capabilities and trip points.
strict GetDeviceInfo() -> (struct {
status zx.Status;
info box<ThermalDeviceInfo>;
/// Get the device's operating points.
/// TODO(bradenkell): Can this be removed? GetDeviceInfo() provides the same information.
strict GetDvfsInfo(struct {
power_domain PowerDomain;
}) -> (struct {
status zx.Status;
info box<OperatingPoint>;
/// Get an event to get trip point notifications on. `ZX_USER_SIGNAL_`0 is changed when either
/// trip point is reached. It is deasserted when the state is read via GetInfo.
strict GetStateChangeEvent() -> (resource struct {
status zx.Status;
handle zx.Handle:<EVENT, optional>;
/// Get a port to get trip point notification packets.
strict GetStateChangePort() -> (resource struct {
status zx.Status;
handle zx.Handle:<PORT, optional>;
/// Sets a trip point in degrees Celsius. When the sensor reaches the trip point temperature the
/// device will notify on an event.
strict SetTripCelsius(struct {
id uint32;
temp float32;
}) -> (struct {
status zx.Status;
/// Get the current operating point index.
strict GetDvfsOperatingPoint(struct {
power_domain PowerDomain;
}) -> (struct {
status zx.Status;
op_idx uint16;
/// Set the operating point index.
strict SetDvfsOperatingPoint(struct {
op_idx uint16;
power_domain PowerDomain;
}) -> (struct {
status zx.Status;