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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.bluetooth.snoop;
using fuchsia.bluetooth as bt;
using as io;
/// Timestamp represents the number of seconds and nanoseconds since the Unix epoch.
type Timestamp = struct {
/// Valid values for `subsec_nanos` can be greater than 10^9-1. Therefore the total
/// seconds elapsed since the epoch is defined by the value of `seconds` plus
/// `subsec_nanos` / 10^9 - the value of `seconds` alone may not be sufficient.
/// It is invalid for the carry from `subsec_nanos` to overflow the `seconds` field.
/// A client or server should reject such data as malformed.
subsec_nanos uint32;
seconds uint64;
/// Messages coming through the Host Controller Interface can be one of three types.
type PacketType = strict enum {
/// Command sent from the host to the controller.
CMD = 0;
/// Event sent from the controller to the host.
EVENT = 1;
/// Data sent from the controller to the host.
DATA = 2;
type SnoopPacket = struct {
/// true if this packet is sent from the controller to the host.
is_received bool;
type PacketType;
/// Timestamp that the bt-snoop service received the packet from a snoop channel as measured
/// by the host system.
timestamp Timestamp;
/// Original length of the packet before truncation.
original_len uint32;
/// Payload sent over the HCI.
payload vector<uint8>:MAX;
/// Interface to receive packets recorded as received or transmitted for a Bluetooth host.
/// Packets are received by the client as datagrams through the fidl channel as `OnPacket`
/// events.
protocol Snoop {
/// Subscribe to receive packets from the server. Packets that have been recorded are sent
/// first.
/// If `follow` is true, the channel stays open and packets are sent to the client as
/// the snoop server receives them. If `follow` is false, the channel is closed by the server
/// when all recorded packets have been sent.
/// A `host_device` name may be provided; if so, only events from that host are sent to the client.
/// If `host_device` is absent, the client is sent events from all host devices.
/// Errors:
/// `Start` can only be called once per connection. After the first request, subsequent requests
/// always return an error.
/// `host_device` values that are not recognized by the server return an error.
Start(struct {
follow bool;
host_device string:<io.MAX_FILENAME, optional>;
}) -> (struct {
status bt.Status;
/// An event containing a packet that the client has registered interest in receiving and the
/// `host_device` which generated the packet.
-> OnPacket(struct {
host_device string:io.MAX_FILENAME;
packet SnoopPacket;