Fuchsia IDK

This directory contains build instructions for the core of Fuchsia, the Fuchsia Integrator Development Kit (IDK). The IDK is produced (or built) by processing the contents of this directory.

Software outside of the Platform Source Tree should depend only on the Fuchsia IDK.

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Developer-facing development kits are then derived from the IDK. For example (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Product Development Kit (PDK)


Not all the interfaces defined in this directory are part of every Fuchsia SDK. Instead, interfaces have a category label that determines whether the interface can be included in a given SDK. For example, interfaces with the internal category are available only within the Platform Source Tree. Interfaces with the partner category are additionally available to partner projects. See sdk_atom.gni for more details.

Version history

The version_history.json file is not yet fully baked. Please use with caution.


The API surface described by the IDK is governed by the Fuchsia API Council and should conform to the appropriate API rubrics.

Listing of FIDL libraries

Within the Fuchsia build, all FIDL libraries which are included in the SDK are listed in the sdk_fidl_json.json file.

See //build/fidl:sdk_fidl and fidl.gni for further details.