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  1. common/
  2. kernel_cmdline/
  3. minimal/
  4. tests/
  5. workstation/
  6. bringup.gni
  7. core.gni
  8. core_size_limits.gni
  9. minimal.gni
  10. OWNERS
  12. speaker.gni
  13. terminal.gni
  14. workstation.gni
  15. workstation_eng.gni

Fuchsia product definitions

This directory contains definitions for a variety of product configurations. The products are organized into tracks that build on one another to produce a fully featured system.

Baseline track


A minimal system used to exercise kernel and core drivers and to bring up new boards.


Self-updating system with core system services, connectivity, and metrics reporting.

Builds on bringup

Workstation track


A system with a simple graphical user interface with a command-line terminal.

Builds on core.


A system that software developers can use to get work done.

Builds on terminal.

Headless track


A system without a graphical user interface.

Builds on core.