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  1. calculator/
  2. cpp/
  3. echo-realm/
  4. fuchsia.examples/
  6. go/
  7. hlcpp/
  8. new/
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  10. rust/
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w# FIDL examples

This directory contains example code for using FIDL. fuchsia.examples contains FIDL definitions used in the various bindings-specific example directories for hlcpp, cpp, go, and rust.

The test directory contains tests to ensure that example code is kept up to date. To run tests:

fx set core.x64 --with //examples/fidl:tests
fx test -vo //examples/fidl

Included in this are integration tests which will launch and run client/server examples against each other and check for successful exist codes. To run the integration tests:

fx test -vo //examples/fidl/echo-realm

The tests include many individual packages, so you can filter for specific client/server pairs by specifying a particular package in //examples/fidl/echo-realm/

fx test -vo echo-cpp-client-test

All major FIDL code examples used in documentation should be included from a source file somewhere in this documentation that is covered by tests. This eliminates sample code duplication and ensures that example code is kept up to date and correct.

Although this ensures that code used in any documentation is kept up to date, it does not ensure that text referring to the code is kept in sync. When modifying code in this repo, please check that any corresponding text is kept in sync. Code can be included using a specific region:

{% includecode gerrit_repo="fuchsia/fuchsia" gerrit_path="examples/fidl/foo" region_tag="bar" %}

or using an entire file

{% includecode gerrit_repo="fuchsia/fuchsia" gerrit_path="examples/fidl/foo" %}

References can be found by grepping for these two variants in /docs.