Date: October 19, 2021

Version: F1.2

The following updates have been implemented:

Issue: Integer overflow vulnerability in CacheOp.
CVE: CVE-2021-22556{:.external}
Impact: Checks added for overflow and errors will appear in events of incorrect ranges.

Issue: A11y color correction displays a pink hue.
Impact: Color correction disabled on device first boot to fix inadvertent color correction.

Issue: After some types of WiFi disconnections, device fails to reconnect until reboot.
Impact: Connectivity issue was fixed and testing added to improve reliability.

Issue: DNS does not fallback to secondary DNS if the first query is refused.
Impact: Network state stabilized and DNS resolver was fixed to handle refused queries.

Issue: Media playback stops on all Nest/Chromecast devices on the same network when streaming camera. Fuchsia devices were pausing remote sessions during communication calls or camera streaming.
Impact: MediaSessionController now controls local media sessions only.

Issue: Filesystem health checks fail early and can freeze during boot-up process.
Impact: Issue affecting devices getting stuck on boot-up screen was resolved and health checks were improved.

Issue: Over triggering on devices during sound sensing events.
Impact: Logs show the correct gain values, and they are not overwritten.

Issue: Camera not streaming when activated via graphical user interface (GUI) or doorbell press.
Impact: Camera streaming now activates after GUI or doorbell press.