Go readability reviews

Go readability reviews are an optional way to receive mentorship from experienced Go programmers while working on Fuchsia.

How to get a review

The suggested workflow:

  1. Author: Get a CR+2 as you normally would (from your teammates, OWNERS, etc).
  2. Author: If you'd like a go readability review, add go-readability-reviewers@fuchsia-infra.iam.gserviceaccount.com
  3. Author: At this point you can either merge the change (if you want to respond to comments in a follow-up change) or wait for the readability review (if you want to incorporate the comments in the current change).
  4. The GWSQ service will assign a readability reviewer.
  5. Reviewer: Take a look and leave comments. If there are no comments, please just CR+1. Please do not CR+2.
  6. If the change has already been merged, the author should address the comments in a new change that is reviewed by the readability reviewer.

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Volunteer to do reviews

You can ask to become a reviewer by emailing fuchsia-go-readability-reviewers@google.com. As of writing, all reviewers have Go readability in google3, but the group‘s owners may choose to admit members who don’t.

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