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Install Fuchsia on a device

The Fuchsia platform can be installed on the following hardware devices:

Architecture support

Fuchsia supports two ISAs (Instruction Set Architectures):

  • arm64 - Fuchsia supports arm64 (also called AArch64) with no restrictions on supported microarchitectures.

  • x86-64 - Fuchsia supports x86-64 (also called IA32e or AMD64), but with some restrictions on supported microarchitectures.

CPU support

Fuchsia's support for CPUs:

  • Intel - For Intel CPUs, only Broadwell and later are actively supported and will have new features added for them. Additionally, we will accept patches to keep Nehalem and later booting.

  • AMD - AMD CPUs are not actively supported (in particular, we have no active testing on them), but we will accept patches to ensure correct booting on them.

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