Magma Contributing and Best Practices

Submitting a patch

See Contributing.

Source Code

The core magma code is found under:

Magma service drivers are found under:

Magma client drivers are third party codebases. Open source client drivers typically live in third_party/mesa.

Coding Conventions and Formatting

  • Use the Google style guide for source code.
  • Run clang-format on your changes to maintain consistent formatting.

Build Configuration for Testing

Product for L0 and L1 testing:
  • core
Packages for L0 and L1 testing:
  • src/graphics/lib/magma/tests:l1
Product for L2 testing:
  • workbench_eng
Package for L2 testing:
  • src/experiences/examples/spinning_cube

Testing Pre-Submit

For details on the testing strategy for magma, see Test Strategy.

There are multiple levels for magma TPS. Each level includes all previous levels.

When submitting a change, indicate the TPS level tested, prefaced by the hardware on which the testing was performed:

TEST: nuc,vim2:go/magma-tps#L2 nuc,vim2:go/magma-tps#S1 nuc,vim2:go/magma-tps#C0 nuc,vim2:go/magma-tps#P0


Includes all unit tests and integration tests. There are 2 steps at this tps level:

  1. Build with magma_enable_developer_build and include the magma-dev package; this will run unit tests that require hardware when the system driver starts, then exposes the device as usual. Inspect the syslog for test results.


fx set core.x64 --with-base=//src/graphics/lib/magma/gnbuild/magma-intel-gen:magma-dev --args magma_enable_developer_build=true

  1. Build with --with-base //src/graphics/bundles:vulkan --with src/graphics/lib/magma/tests:l0 and run the test script src/graphics/lib/magma/scripts/


If you have an attached display, execute the spinning vkcube. This test uses an imagepipe swapchain to pass frames to the system compositor. Build with --with-base //src/graphics/bundles:vulkan --with src/graphics/lib/magma/tests:l1.

Test with present via Scenic: ffx session add fuchsia-pkg://


Run vkcube-on-scenic overnight (12-24 hours).


A full UI stress test. Launch two instances of the spinning_cube flutter example, and let them run overnight.


For some changes, it's appropriate to run the Vulkan conformance test suite before submitting. See Conformance.


For some changes, it's appropriate to run benchmarks to validate performance metrics. See Benchmarking.


For details on the Vulkan conformance test suite, see

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