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  1. template/

Adapted from Chromium.

Steps to upgrade to a new version of GRPC, all relative to this directory:

  1. Update the template:
    curl -sfSL \ | \
      base64 --decode | sed -E "s/([\"'])src/\1./g" > template/
  2. Apply Fuchsia-specific patch:
    patch -d $FUCHSIA_DIR -p1 --merge < template/fuchsia.patch
  3. Resolve conflicts.
  4. Commit the result.
  5. Regenerate Fuchsia-specific patch:
    1. Download the original template (see curl above).
    2. Generate the patch:
      git diff -R template/ > template/fuchsia.patch
    3. Restore the template:
      git checkout template/
  6. Update $FUCHSIA_DIR/integration/fuchsia/third_party/flower to reference a new GRPC revision.
  7. Install prerequisites:
    sudo apt install python3-mako`
  8. Rebuild
    git -C $FUCHSIA_DIR/third_party/grpc submodule update --init
    cp template/ $FUCHSIA_DIR/third_party/grpc/templates
    (cd $FUCHSIA_DIR/third_party/grpc && tools/buildgen/
    rm $FUCHSIA_DIR/third_party/grpc/templates/
    mv $FUCHSIA_DIR/third_party/grpc/
    fx gn format --in-place
    git -C $FUCHSIA_DIR/third_party/grpc submodule deinit --all