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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use {
crate::{input_actor::InputActor, session::Session, session_actor::SessionActor, Args},
fidl_fuchsia_component as fcomponent, fidl_fuchsia_component_decl as fdecl,
fidl_fuchsia_io as fio, fidl_fuchsia_ui_scenic as fscenic,
fuchsia_component::client::{connect_to_protocol, connect_to_protocol_at_dir_root},
rand::{rngs::SmallRng, Rng, SeedableRng},
stress_test::{actor::ActorRunner, environment::Environment, random_seed},
/// Contains the running instance of scenic and the actors that operate on it.
/// This object lives for the entire duration of the test.
pub struct ScenicEnvironment {
args: Args,
scenic_exposed_dir: fio::DirectoryProxy,
impl ScenicEnvironment {
pub async fn new(args: Args) -> Self {
// Bind to the scenic component, causing it to start
let realm_svc = connect_to_protocol::<fcomponent::RealmMarker>()
.expect("Could not connect to Realm service");
let mut child = fdecl::ChildRef { name: "scenic".to_string(), collection: None };
// Create endpoints for the protocol.
// Component manager will connect us to the exposed directory of the component we bound to.
let (scenic_exposed_dir, server_end) =
.open_exposed_dir(&mut child, server_end)
.expect("Could not send open_exposed_dir command")
.expect("open_exposed_dir command did not succeed");
Self { args, scenic_exposed_dir }
impl std::fmt::Debug for ScenicEnvironment {
fn fmt(&self, fmt: &mut std::fmt::Formatter<'_>) -> std::fmt::Result {
fmt.debug_struct("ScenicEnvironment").field("args", &self.args).finish()
impl Environment for ScenicEnvironment {
fn target_operations(&self) -> Option<u64> {
fn timeout_seconds(&self) -> Option<u64> {
fn actor_runners(&mut self) -> Vec<ActorRunner> {
let seed = random_seed();
let mut rng = SmallRng::from_seed(seed.to_le_bytes());
// Connect to the Scenic protocol
let scenic_proxy =
"Could not connect to Scenic protocol from scenic component exposed directory",
let scenic_proxy = Arc::new(scenic_proxy);
// Create the root session
let (root_session, compositor_id, session_ptr) =
Session::initialize_as_root(&mut rng, scenic_proxy);
let input_runner = {
// Create the input actor
let seed = rng.gen::<u128>();
let rng = SmallRng::from_seed(seed.to_le_bytes());
let input_actor =
Arc::new(Mutex::new(InputActor::new(rng, session_ptr, compositor_id)));
ActorRunner::new("input_actor", Some(Duration::from_millis(16)), input_actor)
let session_runner = {
// Create the session actor
let seed = rng.gen::<u128>();
let rng = SmallRng::from_seed(seed.to_le_bytes());
let session_actor = Arc::new(Mutex::new(SessionActor::new(rng, root_session)));
ActorRunner::new("session_actor", Some(Duration::from_millis(250)), session_actor)
vec![session_runner, input_runner]
async fn reset(&mut self) {
unreachable!("This stress test does not reset");