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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/ui/scenic/lib/flatland/engine/engine.h"
#include "src/ui/scenic/lib/flatland/flatland_manager.h"
#include "src/ui/scenic/lib/gfx/engine/engine.h"
#include "src/ui/scenic/lib/scheduling/frame_scheduler.h"
#include "src/ui/scenic/lib/scheduling/id.h"
namespace scenic_impl {
// TemporaryFrameRendererDelegator is a FrameRenderer which renders either Flatland or Gfx content,
// depending on whether a FlatlandDisplay is found or not (if so, it assumes that content is the
// only content; if not delegates to the traditional Gfx rendering path).
// Eventually, all content connected directly to displays will be Flatland content (any Gfx content
// will reside in sessions attached beneath Flatland sessions). At this time, this class will
// become unnecessary.
// TODO( this will need to be modified to support multiple displays.
class TemporaryFrameRendererDelegator : public scheduling::FrameRenderer {
TemporaryFrameRendererDelegator(std::shared_ptr<flatland::FlatlandManager> flatland_manager,
std::shared_ptr<flatland::Engine> flatland_engine,
std::shared_ptr<gfx::Engine> gfx_engine);
~TemporaryFrameRendererDelegator() override = default;
// |scheduling::FrameRenderer|
void RenderScheduledFrame(uint64_t frame_number, zx::time presentation_time,
FramePresentedCallback callback) override;
// |scheduling::FrameRenderer|
void SignalFencesWhenPreviousRendersAreDone(std::vector<zx::event> release_fences) override;
std::shared_ptr<flatland::FlatlandManager> flatland_manager_;
std::shared_ptr<flatland::Engine> flatland_engine_;
std::shared_ptr<gfx::Engine> gfx_engine_;
} // namespace scenic_impl