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Safety wrapper over Spinel in Rust.

Spinel is a vector renderer that takes advantage GPU parallelism in order to maximize efficiency. It does this with the help of a scene-graph-like asynchronous API and by dividing the scene into tiles. Each tile is then processed by means of simple styling commands that run on VMs in parallel.

It currently runs on Vulkan 1.1 on a number of GPU architectures.


  • [ ] complete Spinel access

    Should cover the complete Spinel API with minimal overhead by making use of types and zero-cost abstractions wherever possible. Managed abstractions are also provided for safety and commodity.

  • [ ] memory-safety

    Whether or not used correctly, this API should not cause undefined behavior, leak memory, and should always fail gracefully.

  • [ ] provide test bed for Spinel's API

    Should test Spinel's public API externally in order to improve API understanding, find edge cases, and avoid regression.

  • [ ] complete documentation

    Apart from explaining functionality, the crate should provide comprehensive error documentation and examples.


Temporary way of generating documentation:

fx gen-cargo . && cargo doc --open