Display Driver for Intel GPUs

Target Hardware

Changes to the driver should be reviewed against the documentation for the following hardware.

  • Tiger Lake - on Intel NUC11
  • Kaby Lake - on Google Pixelbook (eve), Google Pixelbook Go (atlas), and Intel NUC7
  • Skylake - on Acer Switch Alpha 12

Some of the hardware listed here is not supported, meaning we don't regularly run tests on it. The hardware development page on fuchsia.dev has the most up to date hardware support status.

Documentation References

Intel Programmer Manuals

The driver code here is based on the Programmer's Reference Manuals published by Intel for graphics driver developers.

To facilitate reviews, driver code should include comments pointing to the relevant manual sections. Reference comments should include the following parts:

  1. The document reference ID, such as IHD-OS-TGL-Vol 2c-12.21. This facilitates searching for a downloadable version of the manual.
  2. The section title, such as "Sequences for DisplayPort" > "Enable Sequence". This facilitates searching for equivalent information in a different manual. This example uses a two-level section name because "Enable Sequence" is too generic, resulting in too many hits.
  3. A part number, if the document is split in multiple parts. For example, IHD-OS-TGL-Vol 2c-12.21 is split into two parts. Without a Part 1 / Part 2 qualifier, page numbers would be ambiguous.
  4. A page number or page range, such as pages 143-145. This optimizes for reviewers who need to check that the code matches the documentation.

The most relevant manuals for this driver are:


The following standards are particularly relevant to this driver.